Football eh. After the Motherwell game, I was apoplectic with rage. On the back of just how much I enjoyed the whole The Rangers match performance, after the St Johnstone performance I am as chilled as Zen.

Oh and I missed the St Johnstone match, as had shit loads to do as I had guests coming for dinner. It was horrible, and they won’t get invited back, making whatever Stevie May did or didn’t do, pretty irrelevant.

I’m not sure my point really. Have some memes.

charlie nicholas aberdeen

‘Champagne’ Charlie.


The tache. I went too far didn’t I. That face is difficult to get out of your head. He reminds me of Ronnie Barker’s character in open all hours.

shinnie afc

Back in the far off days of last Thursday, this is how we all felt.

santa afc

Just how many times ye gonna remix this meme fella.


We went to Hampden, twice.

pigs hampden

I did this meme a while back remixing it for the Hampden semi-final. I realised after posting it, the disgrace of Hampden remaining The National Stadium, and not the obvious solution of Murrayfield is one part Old Firm corruption (they must always have an advantage) and also, it’s the Glasgow fucking ‘journalists’. They want it in their city, so they don’t have far to travel.


“Glasgow is a football city”. Aye right. That’s why there’s 50,000 at every Partick Thistle match. Glasgow is a sectarian city.

It’s still early days, but not getting to that final was very expensive for The Rangers. And for Stevie G. It’s difficult to know if he is a manager, if he’s got that spark, that not many of them have. He has done well in Europe, but it’s his post match interviews. Very revealing. A man in a hurry. A man making mistakes. A man who might not be fun to be around. A man not stupid, but might not be that smart either. He is already repeating himself, showing a possible limit to his talents and intellect. The longer time goes, the less inside knowledge on Liverpool’s reserve players. His main skill so far is a fast depreciating asset. Only time will tell.

kris boyd

sectarian free

I wrote a poem.

racists fuck off

Dark times. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book for establishment 1%ers to keep control. Football is exactly where they will plant their puppets, to try and build on an unhappy populace pissed off with society. The banks caused the crash in 2008. Austerity has not paid back any of the debt. It is ideological, they are monsters who hate the poor and the disabled, and are driving the planet to destruction. It’s the billionaires stealing all your money you should have a problem with, not people with a different skin tone.

Harder to reach an audience on Facebook now. Still did about 600 likes on a 13000 reach. On Twitter another 600 likes, reached 50,000.

And that’s yer lot.


And breath. Still too early to forget Saturday.

Things to remember: 1. The players and employees of Aberdeen FC do not read some random blog by a supporter.

In light of the cup final, this makes analysis, or half arsed opinions, post match slightly different. There is an important game on Sunday. If they win, they are in the history books, and what happened the week before, the 13 league games before, disappear into a half sentence of ‘after a slow start to season 2018-2019 The Dons lifted…’. And that’s it.

And of course I want them to win. Of course I want Shinnie lifting that trophy, of course I want him to send me an email saying ‘get it right up ye, who’s a cunt now, ye cunt’. Because you can be furious with footballers and still back them all the way. It’s the fitba.

It was wrong to say he isn’t a captain, and isn’t a midfielder. He’s a great player, a great Dandy, a great captain. My anger with him comes from a number of issues, that aren’t just about him. I think it’s also perfectly okay to give him stick. He is very popular, gets lots of praise. I would never have gone after an unpopular player. I’m not following the nasty element in our crowd who are so desperate to feel superior to someone in life, will go after someone to destroy them… And I’m sure in the unlikely event of my opinions getting to Shinnie, he’ll be fine.

Jack shit…

It started with Ryan Jack. Two seasons of Ryan Jack as centre midfield. The lynchpin that every move was to start from, who’d control the tempo of the game, lead the team and dictate play. A position he never grew into, never had the skills for, that disrupted the flow of our team, and he repaid that trust by… That Ryan Jack.

Then there’s the loan players. Maddison in our team, was not that good. They didn’t get long enough to gell, a couple of bits of brilliance apart, he was whisked away just before he was about to start delivering. Ryan Christie. Do you remember that much magic from him? I remember the last few months. Him coasting along. Nobody thought he’d make it at Celtic, least of all Scotland, and that was just a few months ago. So safe to say Ryan Christie simply wasn’t trying the tail end of last season. Remember when he used to hate Aberdeen supporters, well… Once a Dandy, never forgets.

And that takes me back to Shinnie. He hasn’t signed a new contract, I quite understand why. Financially the rewards at a club like Norwich, Ipswich, Wolves or whoever are enormous, but what would really fuck me off, would be seeing Graeme Shinnie playing for one of them, at left back. If that becomes the case, at what point are Aberdeen FC just a play thing for bigger and better players. A place to mess around before a real team, a proper job where you do what you are fucking told for the good of the team, not the good of your career, or where you fancy playing.

Mutton dressed as mock chop supper

We have had a disjointed midfield since Barry Robson and Willo Flood stopped controlling the centre. Professional midfielders,  specialists in their area, which meant from defence to attack, the team flowed, one unit working together. Now we have a defence. A midfield. And a forward line.

A forward line that is low on confidence. Taking pelters game after game. I loved Adam Rooney to bits, but I remember him missing chances. Particularly in big games. This current lot, barely seen them miss a chance. Because our atrocious midfield couldn’t find them if you drew them a fucking map. Forwards that are low on confidence need more chances to score a goal than confident forwards.

There is a name missing from this. As there was in the unbridled rant after the game. You know who it is. And I’m not criticising him. He’s still the best manager since Ferguson by a country mile. I am happy to admit even for a football supporter, I’m a football supporter who doesn’t know much about football. I’m a graphic artist. But I regularly get opinions from people who are not graphic artists telling me what is wrong with my work. And they are wrong. So, welcome to my world Dek.

Here’s to the final. They can still do it. Because We are the famous Aberdeen.

On the off chance you missed the unbridled rage version.

spfl logo

spfl logo
Scottish football, where a team who’s supporters will travel on average the longest distance, at considerable cost and time, with a repeat journey with all the cost and time commitments if we get to the final, are made to feel not good enough for not selling as many tickets as a team who are virtually playing at home.

Brendan’s complaints regarding Celtic’s game being moved to Murrayfield are incredibly revealing. The Old Firm are well aware of the enormous advantage that Hampden gives them every time they play there.

We ought to be excited about an upcoming semi-final and the SPFL and our opposition should be honoured to have us there, and respect and acknowledge the clear advantages that Glasgow clubs have in a clearly rigged ‘neutral’ venue.

Are we really supposed to be grateful they moved the time of the match? And did they even move it for us? More likely the absolute clusterfuck of an idea that four sets of supporters hitting the same venue on the same day could have resulted in mayhem.

And if Scotland had been playing at Pittodrie, and so few had turned up as there was against Portugal at Hampden, we’d be made to feel it was our, the north east of Scotland’s fault, and this would be a reason for no matches returning to Pittodrie.

And what of Milne’s request for a summit? It’s 2018, they don’t need to physically meet. Surely even the SFA, SPFL can arrange a Skype conference call, or get someone to show them how to turn Skype on.

Scottish football is a sick, sick world. Corrupt to the core.

social media

From time to time, the opinions and attitude of the Aberdeen support on social media is questioned, and as to just how representative of the Aberdeen support in general it is. The wonderful thing about fitba is all the different opinions, all the brilliant discussions, it shows the passion and importance of the game. But what can be read into the feelings of the support over a specific issue, or in general?

This caught my eye, an interesting article in a good blog, taking a look at the anti Derek McInnes Aberdeen supporters views on Twitter. And while I completely disagree with saying any negativity is because of who he played for in the past, there were those who said that about Calderwood’s sacking, there’s a Sir Alex Ferguson example to kind of destroy that bullshit, there is some good analysis.

And not the first time I have heard commentators judge the Aberdeen support based on social media reactions. So with a combination of my knowledge of having a Facebook page with over 10000 followers, and a Twitter page of 1000 followers I thought I would share my observations, and conduct a little experiment. And the experiment didn’t turn out the way I had expected.

Meme me up Scotty

What I post on social media, I post for me. That’s why I do it. As a designer it’s my online sketchbook. I am of course a Dandy, and I occasionally share my opinions or stupid stories, generally speaking I consider every blog post to probably be my last.

After over a thousands memes and illustrations posted on Facebook, I genuinely don’t know which posts will be successful, and which won’t. I do know, no-one cares about my use of colour, my choice of font, the line-height and spacing, or whether my illustrations are any good or not. But, the right meme at the right time, and bingo, off it will fly, viral within our niche community far and wide. I now understand why comedians do test shows for new material. What you think people will like, is almost impossible to judge.

But I would say, positive posts will always do far better than negative ones. Posts supportive of the team, and/or the individuals in the team, will get more likes, more shares, bigger audience reach. So take that for your ‘typical Aberdeen supporter, always moaning’.

Twitter is a lot darker than Facebook. Most people are behind their real names, real identities on Facebook, with parents, kids, friends monitoring to make sure  ‘the real you’ isn’t on show. On Twitter, well they aren’t. And it’s on Twitter where an element of the Aberdeen support can be most negative. Most critical of McInnes, of individual players, of elements in the Aberdeen support who are more positive than them.

The experiment

So the experiment was a silly meme on the current bête noire (quick Google, aye it fits) of the Afc support, Stevie May. And I deliberately was pushing buttons. This isn’t about Stevie May. It’s about social media, and the test sure as hell wasn’t scientific. There are dozens of variables I am aware of, let alone a more skilled observer.

So ‘I believe in Stevie May’ picked up on Facebook 228 likes 8 loves, and then in the negative column 15 haha, 1 sad, 1 angry. Making a score of 236 for the meme, 17 against. I am well aware plenty people who see a post do not, whether they like or dislike, use the icons.

Then the comments were more negative. And a lot of comments, a contentious subject matter. Eighty comments. I divided them up as positive (for Stevie), negative, and neutral. It worked out at 33%, 33%, 33%, pretty much.

Over on Twitter, where I expected to get flamed. (The page has a much smaller audience) 60 likes, 14 comments, all positive. I know!?! I was close to tweeting to ask if everyone was okay…


As I said, not scientific, certain people on Twitter maybe were doing their evening classes, embroidery, trolling classes, community service? Who knows. But that’s what came back.

Now the overall result, which is what I did expect, though not at this level on this meme, is that the Aberdeen support are generally a very positive, and supportive collective of people towards Derek McInnes’s Aberdeen Football Club, including Stevie May, albeit sometimes a little bit quiet about it. The negative element is small, actually tiny, but very, very loud, particularly on social media.

The main thing though is, look how cute the guinea pig is…

And here’s the meme.

stevie may

James Wilson Aberdeen

afc brick

All in all it’s just another… meme.

adidas aberdeen

The goalkeeper top Adidas, really?! Are you trolling us now?

may aberdeen

Stevie May yer rubbish! Stevie May yer shite! Stevie May ye just bought yersel’ at least six months’ goodwill. C’mon Stevie, we know you’ve got the talent…

stevie may joker

lobster aberdeen

The one man campaign to make lobsters part of the Afc brand iconography continues…
Dali’s birthday is the 11th of May. Dali had a tash, Wullie had a tash, a lobster has a tash, kinda.


Did this for the Burnley game. Currently works for every away game bar Ross County, unless you live in Helmsdale, or Newcastle. It’s a Stone Roses’ song Grandpa. I know these things as I’m ‘down with the kids’. Well Radio 1 got in touch.

Is that the fella from the Harry Potter films with Nesta? I politely turned them down…


The back end of a successful Facebook post. This post worked, because it resonated. The power of the share button, and lots of people furious with corruption. You can understand why the establishment are going after Facebook.

Facebook in turn has dramatically changed it’s algorithm in the last eighteen months. Far harder to reach an audience. Even that of your own page’s followers. If you look at the official Afc content on Facebook, there is occasionally a very small ‘sponsored’ written below the headline. Aberdeen FC have to pay to reach their own followers, who in turn use Facebook to get Afc’s content.

clocks 1983

I hope everyone remembered to put their clocks back last Sunday. What?! Surely if there is moaning about the team, the clocks have at least gone back…

trainspotting toilet aberdeen

Working behind the bar in Ritzy’s nightclub, 50p a drink on a Friday night, it was like the Somme, you weren’t there man, you weren’t there. I once closed the nightbar of the Altens Skean Dhu hotel because some businessmen were being obnoxious and rude. Pretended not to know who Wallace Mercer was. Same hotel, Jock Stein shot me a filthy look, after I asked if I could carry his bag. A Gola holdall. A week before the Wales game. Working in a bar in London, notorious heterosexual Leon Brittan… actually better leave that one. Bar near the BBC served Philippa Forrester then of CBBC and later Robot Wars. You need to be of a certain age.

After a few too many years working in bars, came a point where I just couldn’t pull another pint or be polite to drunks anymore. So this lead to The time Eoin Jess got me a huge bollocking.


Gothenburg 83 aberdeen Real Madrid

Been a while since the last meme dump.  Doing memes on The Dandies the last couple of years, starting to think there is nothing else to mine, graphically.

So-o, 11th of May, as well as ye know, is in fact the artist Salvador Dali’s birth date. He was a Catalan, did artwork for *Barthalona*, so presumably not a fan of Madrid, and extra time, bendy clocks, Dali had a tache, surrealism, lobster yeah. I may have had a drink that day to celebrate the 35th anniversary.

Oh, and I’ve decided lobsters are now part of the Dandy visual identity. C’mon, they are wearing the strip.

dandies europe

We qualified for Europe again! And much like Private Ryan, the rest of the show isn’t worth watching after that bit anyway.

dandy red hand

Can’t quite remember who we were playing the day I posted this one. Subtle, I aint…

aberdna shooting

AberDNA. Ooof, we love an argument the old Dandy support. A wee bit of tension in the ranks. Just a reminder, some of us pride ourselves on grudge holding!

So what are we going to do with all that cash. What’s the point of a group poll function if you don’t use it.


Judging by the lack of signings, it appears Dek may indeed have pissed the money up a wall at a casino. Well as long as it wasn’t wasted.
The World Cup. Aye, shameful, disgraceful, childish, unnecessary. But enough about the BBC’s coverage. We weren’t entirely backing our neighbours… And on the back of the Adam Rooney media sneering, and the pub league digs in general, fuck em.

aberdeen sverigecroatia strip aberdeenafc strips

On the back of blue strips, and green strips, for younger readers, this is a Dundee Utd strip. Dundee Utd were a football team back in the Eighties…

afc lobster

Nippy little fuckers. A hard tough exterior, pretty darned spectacular inside. But enough about Aberdonians, here’s a lobster.

Told ya, lobsters are part of the Dandy identity. More to follow.

A short meme dump this time. I’m excited about the new season, new players, new challenges. It’s going to be a great season. #COYR

Meme dump number 4.
Meme dump number 3.
Meme dump 2.
Meme dump 1.


So Adam has gone. Very sad, but it’s football, everything changes, everything stays the same. As an Aberdeen player his position in Aberdeen history is that of a footballing legend. Never to be forgotten.

No other player had their own illustration page on the dandy dons website, seriously, after the Balon d’Or, that’s the honour.

His significance to the McInnes era is enormous. The goalscorer, the poacher, the top of the Xmas tree. The penalty taker, you never doubted. The goal at the cup final. Rooney was the symbol, the point of action, the end result, the hero, Rooney was the man. And with all that, an incredible humility. His Twitter bio ‘Tap ins / headers / pens – thats my thing!’.

Anyone listening to him on Red TV doing commentary while he was injured, got a further insight into who the man was. A smart, articulate, funny man, deserving of a career in the media, when he is ready to hang up those goal scoring boots.

A team player with an extraordinary nose for goal. We will miss our number nine. We will miss that open mouthed, slightly horsey smile of joy, he did for literally every goal. We’ll miss it forever. And never forget it.

Adam Rooney, it’s been a pleasure.

All the illustrations.

rooney-aberdeenadam-rooney-70-goalsrooney-100adam rooney Aberdeen fcadam-rooney-aberdeen-fcrooney-penalty-aberdeenadam-rooney-aberdeenhomer-afc

meme dump

Gru meme

This meme is so on point, it’ll cut you in half. Despite being from an eight year old film, in the world of memes, it’s brand new, as of March 9th 2018. You mean you didn’t know you can trace a meme’s history?!

The gag works by the third and fourth panel being the same text. This landed on the Dandy Dons page the morning after we knocked out Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock. 14/03/2018.

Only 38 likes on Facebook, you bunch of bastards. Not for the first time, can’t help thinking I’m wasted on you people.

Jim Bowen

In the week the great Jim Bowen of Bullseye fame passed away. Yes it was so worth it getting it right up Steve Clarke in the quarters to be tanked by Motherwell in the semi…

I discovered a poll option in The Dandy Dons closed group.

dandy poll

‘Shake it all about’ came second! One in the eye for the exceptionally nasty element on Twitter.

It strikes me the nasty element in the Afc support on Twitter divide into two categories. Gammon faced old men who haven’t had this much fun bullying people since they were arseholes at school, and fat, seventeen year old, angry, male virgins.

My analysis is scientific.

beer afc

Aye, about the semi.


I really hate that fucking blue strip now…. Then, by a weird coincidence, I found out in the same week, I’ve done this gag before.

the northern light

I hadn’t seen The Northern Light for twenty five years. Bought four copies on eBay, arrived that week. It’s the same gag. Mo Johnston had signed for Rangers…

I clearly didn’t know how to draw hands back then. Still can’t.

oconner aberdeen

So O’Connor took a pop at the Afc support for ‘not being good enough’… does the ‘O’ stand for ‘Oirony’ by any chance Anthony?

Douglas Ross

During an Old Firm match, the Conservative MP for Moray Douglas Ross, who is also a referee, waved like an excited puppy when spotting the opportunity to send off a Celtic player. You can read what your exceptionally banker friendly MP votes for here

snow man

It was snowing a few weeks ago…


Big Doug Aberdeen

I did three or four of these a couple of years ago. This was a new one. I was very pleased with the Spanish, until someone asked why he was asking for a pie in a Dundonian accent.

easter heids



mcinnes mememckenna

One day we’ll be sitting watching some big old EPL game and the captains shake hands in the centre circle, and we’re going to say ‘I saw McKenna when he was a Dandy…’.


One for the Paul Hardcastle fans out there. The Dandy Dons – no reference too niche.
You weren’t there man! Oh, you were…


Spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding which band Stevie should join.


Dek had just turned down The Rangers. I’ve given him stick in the past, so…


So the new stadium got the go ahead. I’ll take my slogan back now. You’re welcome! Aurora? That reminds me of something Vic Reeves would randomly drop into Shooting Stars. Eranu. Uvavu. Aurora!


Unless you are an international class centre half, it takes balls of steel to sit near the front of the South Stand, such is the peer pressure should you miss yer heider…


With every managerial vacancy, it’s hold your breath time. As well as Scotland, West Brom currently planted to the foot of the EPL. Niall coming back points to there maybe being a couple of seasons yet…


There’s an awful lot of things Afc do really well. The sort of things you almost take for granted, unless you see it done badly somewhere else. I followed the SFA on Facebook for a while, partly out of professional interest. It was dreadful. The tone was wrong, the graphics, while technically professional, were poorly thought out and inappropriate. The last qualifying campaign they were using the slogan and hashtag #ThisTime. So a two word phrase that had the negative connotation of the previous failures to qualify built in.

The Red TV coverage, the passion and professionalism of Dave and Andrew, the overall tone of the whole Afc social media communication, the graphics, the use of the photographers work, the match programme, it’s all really well done. And you almost don’t notice it, which is how it should be.

Facebook is making changes that will change your Facebook news feed. If you want to keep seeing The Dandy Dons memes and illustrations do the following 1) Go to 2) Click ‘Following’ 3) Click ‘See First’

Unless of course you would rather see cats, dogs, babies, minions and that racist stuff your Gran posts…

What a year 2017 was for fitba drama. From McInnes leaving/not leaving to a player almost drowning, the Strachan and McGhee sideshow and a feckin’ blue strip. But ultimately there is only one word to describe 2017…


Although the person on Twitter who wrote ‘And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like… concomitant’ won it.



We signed Stevie May. Pretty sure it was The Red Final we should be thanking for the number 83 on his back. Well done to the club for going with it though…


And in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a tattoo of the Joker on his arm. There’s also a CND sign, so plenty new meme possibilities for Stevie in 2018.



We played a rugby match…


To the song ‘Sailing’.


The official statements. Sometimes they work, sometimes not so much. It is quite nice in the comments as people call out their mates, or ‘that bloke that’s always behind us…’. And one smart arse saying, ‘so you are moaning about people moaning…’. I’ve been using Twitter a bit more in the last few months, a different class of angry moaner on there altogether. ‘Just die!’. Because of a meme…



The Iceman cometh back again…


The brief but really very sweet return of Kevin McNaughton.


Poor old Andy. The boots were NOT photoshopped…


#WeRateDons. There’s this very silly Twitter page called We Rate Dogs. All dogs are good dogs, and all dogs are rated by an amount above ten. So I thought…


It was the weekend of El Clásico… I’ve mentioned it before but Angus is a brilliant mascot. The seagull? Really who came up with that?! The person inside does a great job however. There is a more natural and kid friendly mascot in the Aberdeen brand though. Spot the Dog. The one that went to mow a meadow…


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Jose’s gonna need to work on the bicep curls if he’s gonna rock the gilet look like Dek though.



Looks like we’ve seen the back of these two. A recent interview regarding his sacking as Scotland manager marks him down as just as petty, arrogant and deluded as McGhee. Once they are out of the limelight for a bit, maybe we can remember them again as players, heroes, legends. Just not yet…

And finally, here’s to 2018! We’ve got the Red Hulk, and an old friend back.


Click here for part 1 of the 2017 memes.





A favourite of mine, that didn’t get a lot of likes (Christ I’m needy) It’s an REM song. We were playing them. I love the floodlights. I sometimes think I’m wasted on you people.


Over 700 likes, over 50 shares, an enormous post, all because I got the typography in a line with the angle of his arm. As a graphic designer I love your appreciation… </end sarcasm>


I made a mistake. The blue strip came out. Plenty weren’t too happy, I really wasn’t that bothered. I didn’t have much time. I would have done it with a digital felt pen (obviously fake) I was in a hurry, it was quicker to fix the colour in photoshop. I came back, quite a few people thought it was real. Never my intention. Just about to delete it… fuck it, it was quite funny.


So to make amends, I start pissing about with it.


I keep pissing about.


Things to do before you die: Get Hans Gruber into an Afc meme.


‘For the many, not the few’ The Labour party slogan on the back of us lifting The White Stripes Corbyn song for McInnes. Since when did memes need footnotes?


The biggest ever meme on the page in terms of likes, shares and reach. Also built on repeat posting, which is also part of the joke. It just gets under their skin, every time.


This was a huge post. Enormous reach (close to 50 000) a lot of comments, a lot of shares. Not a single comment defending The Sun, or saying not to be political on the page. Quite fascinating to see just how unpopular Murdoch and his propaganda vehicle are. Shows why the mainstream media are so determined to control social media and the internet in general. ‘Fake news’ really? What has that rag and many others been pumping out for over a century.


Talking of fake news…


People move on in life. Some people you just know are decent and honest. Others you are bitter about…






For the thirty fourth year in a row Aberdeen F.C picked up the award for best religious iconography in world football at FIFA’s religious iconography tournament in Zürich.

A spokesman for FIFA commended Aberdeen F.C for this magnificent achievement, adding ‘I mean they don’t even do religion at Aberdeen F.C and they absolutely piss all over the Old Firm, who you’d think would be well up for it.’

‘I mean come on, what have they got to compare to the Aberdeen work, Puddle the Huddle Hound, and some Dutch prick on a horse in 1690? Frankly their efforts are amateur!’

Asked what made Aberdeen’s iconography special Jesus Blatter commented ‘It all goes back to Wullie. It’s as if when he picked up the trophy, he knew the significance, he knew already that here was the opportunity to pick up the religious iconography award for decades to come’, adding ‘well he is God, so I suppose he had a bit of inside knowledge’.

‘We also took into account the Aberdeen Xmas art work with Rudolphs and Santa wearing red and white, and the significance of winning one of their European trophies at Xmas, while at the same time carefully ignoring The Dandy Dons Ramadon work as we don’t want to start a fucking holy war…’

One city, one team, one love, two European trophies and the best religious iconography in world football!

Happy North Easter!