A few months back a thing happened involving Aberdeen FC. You’ll probably have forgotten what it was now, it really wasn’t that big a deal. Eight men went for a pint! There was a fair bit of material on it, but we’ll skim over that quickly.

Okay done with that one now! Well a wee statement went out when they returned to the football after their ‘little holiday’.

And now you all fancy a plate of stovies!
Then I put this out, and things got a bit ‘interesting’ on the Facebook page.

So yeah, we are all struggling in different ways, and at different times, with this thing we are currently living through. I don’t want to upset people, I don’t want to provoke, at any time, least of all now. I also very strongly despise racism. I did it because I kept seeing really horrible comments from within the AFC support, with regard to the team taking the knee.

A brief explainer

I don’t know why I do this Dandy Dons thing, for the most part I enjoy it, it certainly isn’t a business, the club are never going to use me for anything, so I do it to entertain is the ‘thing’ that I am doing. You may well be of the opinion I fail in that aim! What I don’t want to do is to get into arguments. But this just blew up. About 350 likes, reasonably popular post, over 300 comments, just fuckin’ awful in the main part. It was really wearing, several hundred left the page.

But then, in for a penny…

This is Colin Kaepernick. The man who first took the knee. Well that calmed things down. Not really, however by this time the comments were changing. Others joined the comments equally disgusted at the racism being spouted. Plus I kicked out the worst/loudest offenders, and the odd phenomena of social media from my experience, the quieter majority took over. The racist morons are loud. But very much in the minority. This next one was also a very popular post, but some of those against, quite shocking.

So away from politics, a North East hero got a new job, so he deservedly got a special statement.

I thought this was a fitba website! So we have a new hero on the pitch. We’ve a few actually, but this fella…

I so wish we would retire that 6 shirt. A training pitch just is not enough.

And then we lost a legend. RIP Ebbe.

Not been a lot of football matches to react to the last couple of months, but that didn’t stop me. Scottish football’s been behaving up to it’s usual standards. As well as the potential liquidation for a good number of clubs, a certain ‘in a row’ appears to be a catalyst for a certain amount of the infighting. So…

It would be wrong of me not to mention the big elephant in the room at the moment, the blight on society we all have to deal with… Kris Boyd.

Let’s see if I can push it a bit further, yep… *Glitterband plays*

A first bit of caricature in a long time. Going to be more of these, and they’ll get better as I get into them.

Gothenburg Day

A celebrity Swedish Gothenburg Day endorsement!


Gothenburg 83. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the book. It was an incredible honour to be trusted with your stories and photos. Over ten thousand downloads was reached during the Gothenburg celebrations, after the launch about seven months ago. Delighted to see the club asking for supporters stories and photos this year too. *and bites tongue*

*Wookie noise*

Legendary Northern Light cartoonist Gio Alzapiedi (he was also co-editor) brought this cartoon to Gothenburg Day. Fingers crossed Gio will be contributing more cartoons to the page from time to time. (I’ve said it now Gio, you have to do it!)

So the new strip looks good for next season. On the back of Hibs NHS strip.

A controversial second strip too. Sad to see no Saltire markings. But if you sponsor Ally Begg’s blog, and not mine, then…

Talking of which…

Some colouring in for kids and big kids.

A little something for the ladies to colour in. Didn’t know quite a few of them have a thing for Devlin…

More to colour in here

And The Free Gothenburg Book is here.


Above: Not been a good twelve months on the pitch. Still, managed to jam Baby Yoda into an Afc meme…


Above: I thought I was all memed out… a brand new proper meme.


Above: Sadly some memes never get old. This was on the back of Cosgrove’s disgraceful sending off, and Griffiths stamp being ignored.
Below: Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but it can pick up a fair few likes on social media, so there’s that.

“Kris Ajer is the victim in this and was on the end of a very heavy challenge.” – Neil Lennon.


Below: The referee can make a mistake, but when the appeal committee have unlimited replays and don’t overturn a decision. We discovered Dave Cormack really is one of us. A fantastic tweet pointing out the inconsistencies of the Scottish football authorities. Eyes down Dandies, for Dandy Bingo!


And the outcome of Dave Cormack’s fantastic tweet… The tweet had to be removed, presumably Cormack was reprimanded and the entire Glasgow media in unison, without one dissenting voice went after him. Now if that isn’t a corrupt cartel working together, I don’t know what is.


Whatever you think of McInnes or his current team, it must never be forgotten how incredibly important he was in getting those training facilities built. Yes Cormack deserves enormous praise for paying for it, but McInnes pushed and pushed to keep it in the media as the priority. Skovdahl began begging the club for training facilities twenty years ago. They NEVER needed to be next to a new stadium.

Above: Cormack Park opened..

Below: 13th January 1992 Alex ‘Smiffy’ Smith under considerable pressure after a very long run of piss poor performances that somehow have evaded everyone’s memory apart from mine… has a big old win against Hearts at Tynecastle. I hope you can zoom in on Jim Dolan’s text, includes the line ‘…before the same critics are prepared to come off their platforms…’ Paragraph two. Which I am pretty sure now could only have been The Northern Light fanzine he was referring to. Which ironically, the guy who drew the cartoon on the right, me, and possibly did the layout on the fucking page the article was a part of, also worked for ‘that platform’…


Anyways, if a joke is worth doing once, I did it again, after a run of awful games Aberdeen finally got a win…


A lot of negativity about the Aberdeen support said often by Aberdeen supporters. One of the things I learned on the Facebook page the last few years is negativity towards the team, manager or directors is NEVER popular. Positivity towards the team is massively popular. So we end with positivity, from the Gothenburg book. the back cover.

Today January the 4th 2020 is the last day of the Dandy Dons sale. 25% off at the checkout with the code ‘DANDY AF’.
T-shirts here. Posters here. Hats here.


Ask and you will receive. After a slowish start to the season, it all clicked together, the new signings were magic, McInnes had created a brand new exciting team for the season. And we were still in Europe. Happy days!

And so it came to pass (unlike the team) the European Game Day meme was tucked away for another year. At least.

I started messing around with pretend Excel, pretend analysis. As Emperor Hirohito once famously noted, it was all going well until the nuclear explosion.

Thankfully away from Aberdeen FC for a bit, Juventus posted this astoundingly tasteless meme (minus my red text). So I pirated their meme. Neoliberalism is destroying football, and the planet.

If only we Aberdeen supporters had a default happy place to go to when times were tough. Well did I mention the eBook on Gothenburg? A welcome respite from issues in the present.

Despite it all appearing very much pear-shaped down Pittodrie way, Big Sam just keeps on banging in the goals. At the time of writing, the Saminator (?) is on approximately 2000 goals for the season. And we’re still in October. The first part-cyborg footballer is a hit.

It takes a spectacularly strong mentality to score goals when a team is playing poorly. Just like it took an incredibly strong mentality to find his form while the supporters have written you off, and a particular element are actively trying to destroy you.

The announcement of the naming of the Cormack training facilities thang. Fair play if you pay for it, you can name it anything you want, and Cormack may be pulling a fast one. SAF is opening it, ‘surprise’ gotcha! But so many important people associated with Afc have nothing named after them. Particularly, this fella.

Can we please, please, please, please just retire the number 6 shirt. So while he is still with us, he can see one of the things (still holding out for Union Street becoming Willie Miller Street) that will be done to remember him, forever. After they’ve gone, it’s too late! I hope they all live to 120, but…

Also the Hall of Fame, really? Might it be an idea to put them ALL in that deserve it, that are over the age of 50. Then invite a few each year to the big dinner. Because it’s for them, not for us. And the three stands at Pittodrie named after nothing… and no Afc shirts available in the centre of Aberdeen. Cheers, Stewartie. You’re some guy.

And I-I-I will always… from the book, that took me a month, that’s free. That the P&J didn’t reply to three separate emails to three separate employees to see if they’d take a look. I was a P&J employee many years ago. I did mention that too. Thanks but no thanks, would have been Dandy.

There’s a time for criticism, there’s a time for anger, there’s a time for contemplation, and there’s a time for picking a side. There are things I’m not happy about, but still 100% team McInnes.

One of the most wonderful aspects of football, no matter how bad things can be, there is a little light somewhere, a piece of magic, something special. There is a lot to come this season.

Douglas Ross, Conservative MP for Moray. He has as much skills as a linesman, as he has empathy.

So here’s to us kicking on after the international break. Which interestingly enough, with Scotland bouf, and clearly it not being Steve Clarke that’s the problem, should be some anxious people at the SFA and SPFL. It’s ALL their fault. Sack the lot of them.

Here’s tae fitba, beer and Aberdeen! Stand Free.

If ye wanna browse the t-shirt shop. Or the poster shop

A new season awaits. A new meme dump.

Social media afc

Jaded of memes, a return to cartoons for the first time in years. A different way to communicate. I’m a bit rusty on the drawings.

A bit of dissent in the ranks on the new signings early in the window. I want to give McInnes Captain Caveman’s voice…

These characters were in the P&J, 91-92.

Aye GMS. There was a photo on Twitter from the winter break before last, GMS and Ryan Christie in New York photographed with internet meme person chef Salt Bae. Despite repeated Google searches, and a Twitter search, the photo appears to be gone. I wonder if the New York deal was…

Dissent in the ranks again after a training match in Ireland. I get to dig it out again after we ‘just’ beat the Lapland lads 4-2 on aggregate. Between the two posts over 600 likes, so…

Cove the Rangers appointed former Aberdeen player manager. Turns out quite a lot of you like Cove the Rangers. They are your wee team. I didn’t know. So I promise to lay off, and back the plucky underdogs from here on in. Aye right. ABC. Anyone but Cove. Intercity rivalry here we come. They will be begging the Highland League to take them back at the end of the season when I’m done with them. Strokes white cat and cackles maniacally…

The return of James Wilson which for me is brilliant news. And Sid James because I wrote this cheeky little article about James, and Buckie. Apologies again Buckie. A lot of good people from Buckie. Horrific step families mind…

There were a lot of leaks in the press this transfer window, which is not the McInnes way normally. Ah Stevie May. By the time you read this, he may have left, or he might be staying. Anyways, he was good meme material. If you didn’t notice, he has a tattoo of the Joker on his arm.

stevie may

If you could just peruse the gift shop in the foyer as you leave… There’s 20% off with the coupon code ‘summer’. Any questions

What will you remember season 2018-2019 for? Lewis Ferguson’s goal at Burnley, Big Sam’s development, the season Game of Thrones ended?

The Dandy Dons closed Facebook group. Sometimes there is serious tactical discussion, sometimes big time moaning, sometimes big time fan support, and sometimes silly polls.

The vast majority of people in the group considerably nicer than me.

Back in February, the group nailed it.

Ha! Stick your self entitlement where the sun don’t shine. Nobody wants them, nobody needs them.
Come join the group if you fancy it.

So I get a test version made of the t-shirt for the shop, my printer gets in touch, ‘are you sure this is legal?’. Hasn’t crossed my mind. The printer says ‘these US basketball players image rights are heavily protected and…’

US basketball player? How dare you! There’s only one Willie Miller!

Upshot is no more Willie Miller t-shirts, Derek McInnes posters, or anything pertaining to any Aberdeen player or manager past or present. Whether they are legal or not, if there is a hint of them being immoral then nope.

Unless the Aberdeen FC commercial department wants to get in touch, and they can have them. For free. Original vector artwork (scalable). I’ll remove The Dandy Dons name. Holds breath. Waits by phone. Still waiting. Checks with phone company… stares longingly at phone. Have they lost my number? They called to sell me DNA…

Burning bridges

AberDNA has perplexed me for a bit. I have stated this in an article a while back. I have also stated my concern for, with no disrespect intended, to a small, potentially vulnerable element of our support. People who spend an enormous percentage of their income on AFC. As opposed to the considerable section who are minted. Was all the money really going to Derek?

I felt there was an element of selling in the phrasing that to me didn’t fit with the supporter football club relationship. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, so I added a poll in the closed group. Results show I appeared to have touched on something.

It’s a closed group, only supporters are in there.

Ask and you shall receive?

So out came Stewart and Dave to answer.

Well, not really. I doubt very much anyone at AFC is aware of this website or FB page. (*waves* just in case) I suspect it comes under the collected group of ‘social media’.

But it’s clear, and not a secret, year two of AberDNA hasn’t been selling anything like year one. Hence the big finances explanation. I suspect now we know more after Milne and Cormack’s talk, know where the money is going, that will change. Here’s to AberDNA!

Criticising the club

Going back decades ago to my work on The Northern Light and the P&J, I both always hate to criticise the team or club, and conversely always feel ‘dirty’ if I choose not to say something negative, if I have a strong opinion on something. Young me had ambitions to work for the club, I would pull back. Gordon, Gio, Bob, the TNL art department didn’t pull back.

But there’s the club, the directors, and there’s the team. Very separate entities in my head…

There are lots of great people in the history of Aberdeen FC. Lots of unsung heroes putting in unseen work. The naming of the training facilities, quite a few wanted named after Teddy Scott, it is to be named after Bobby Clark. We now know Cormack has contributed significantly to it off his own back, he can name it after his cat if he wants. That is in no way intended to be offensive to Bobby Clark, also a big hero of mine as a kid.

But those training facilities, above all else, are Derek McInnes’s training facilities. He pushed for them, he doubled the club’s turnover, he made it happen.

A fascinating element of watching Man Utd post Fergie is the reminder, ‘the biggest club in the world’ had the best everything behind the scenes while Ferguson was managing. I remember an article in a paper once stating how amazing the manager of the Man Utd megastore at Old Trafford was.

They were all geniuses when Ferguson was managing. Just like, and Cormack was alluding to it, our whole club falls to pieces if the right manager isn’t in charge. It’s your only job directors. You better be analysing and updating all potential candidates for the future ALL the time. You’re only job. You don’t start looking when there’s a vacancy.

Perhaps this image sums up this season. There have been a few more downs than ups than in the others since McInnes arrived. It could also be read as the struggle and hard work that just might be about to come to fruition next season. To 2019 – 2020. If there is a manager McInnes reminds me of, it’s Arsene Wenger. Players are being developed all the time, the team might just be about to click again. That magical element whereby the team becomes bigger and better than the sum of the individuals. Hasn’t been there for a while, it’ll be back.

Whenever we have a bad result, intae the archive. You will never take our Fergie!

I am immensely proud of this t-shirt. The official Dandy Dons strip. The sheep logo a subtle nod to the old Adidas logo. Asheepas. Coming soon, the away strip. Sheep or giraffes? You’ll have to wait and see.

aberdeen dandy af t-shirt

To Hampden, in a potentially season defining, season saving, season making… it’s a big game. And without being over confident or puting any sort of a hex on things, (touches wood, burns effigy, kills first born) Neil Lennon is not Brendan Rodgers. It’s still Rodgers team, they are still very good, they are still massive favourites, they are still playing at home…

Whatever happens it has been a season of transition. The stability of Hayes, McGinn, Rooney, that carried us through so much of the McInnes era, needed to be replaced. We’ve been unlucky with injuries to GMS, on the other hand we were very lucky to have so few with Jonny Hayes considering the kicking he took in games for us. He was the one who could dig us out of problems when others were off form.

On Sunday, oh to be able to tell them to stick their treble, treble up their arse.

Once a Don, always a Don…

So farewell and all the best Mark Reynolds. A very important part of a very good Afc era. Perhaps a little like Doug Rougvie, may have suffered from having academic aspirations. Where more purely football orientated players may have gotten more credit. When Ryan Jack got the captaincy and the central midfield position he never grew into, it was Reynolds who appeared from the outside a more natural and deserving captain after Russell Anderson retired.

When times are hard, and results aren’t going our way, in the words of Anthony Soprano, ‘What are you gonna do.’

The Rangers 0 Aberdeen 2

In what has been a largely poor season, by recent standards, can’t help thinking something bigger is being built behind the scenes. When those training facilties are ready, and all that talent coming through…

Many years ago I worked in the then Skean Dhu Altens. My first full time job. On the breakfast menu was an ‘Aberdeen roll’. Which was a rowie/buttery. As no one knew what an Aberdeen roll was from the menu, you had to try and work out where the hotel guest was from to give them the answer. You appear to be local ‘rowie’, you appear to be of the North East ‘it’s a buttery’, you appear and sound like a US oilman. ‘It’s a north east speciality which…’ Invariably every feckin’ time you’d get it wrong. So after giving the long international explanation, you’d get someone with an American accent with an irritated look on their face asking ‘is it a rowie?’. Because they’d lived in Aberdeen for a feckin’ decade.

As Andy Considine might be reaching the end of his time at Aberdeen as a player, it reminds me of how sad his testimonial match was in terms of the size of the crowd. Can’t help thinking had it been now, he’d really get a crowd. Although opposition is important, and timing, his and Langfield’s testimonials had very poor turnouts. Which was a shame. There also haven’t been any testimonials since. Maybe there won’t be more.

For The Sun ‘journalist’ who said the Morelos banner was in Columbian. To be the idiot amongst a collection of knuckle dragging, racist Murdoch employees. The worst, of the worst.

On the back of Steve Clarke’s very honest and heartfelt melt down after abuse from The Rangers support, the Glasgow media goes into ‘tar everyone with the same brush’ mode. Traynor’s little bitches, every one of them.

We did it, we did it, we did it, we did it…

Too much? Yep.

Thanks to a BBC documentary Sweary Mary David Robertson re-appeared. This was my cartoon in the P&J when he left Aberdeen for Der Hun. Nicknamed Beano, I think Bob in the Northern Light diary started it, as to him not being that bright, while still playing for us. You had to have balls of steel playing for the Dons back then when TNL was on the go… Didn’t you Bobby Connor?

Big Jim. We don’t need a reason to celebrate Big Jim.

Back to the start, at the Skean Dhu Hotel, Jock Stein was staying in the hotel, the week before the tragic events of the game against Wales. Jock was known as Big Jock. I was still surprised at how tall Big Jock was. Clue was in the name. To be in the presence of such greatness, I had to say something to him. I was a hall porter. He was checking in. Can a carry your bag sir? He was carrying a dark blue Gola holdall, containing not that much.

He shot me a look. I had an unnerving desire to go run up and down some sand dunes.

The shop is now open, I have had a ridiculous amount of fun working on the designs for the posters and t-shirts, and now also the videos.

The t-shirts.
The posters.

December the 4th was the last meme dump. We’d been to Hampden, but we weren’t happy.

And then Big Sam delivered

Big Sam was always good. Always had a good first touch, his link up play holding the ball for the midfield to move forward was always good. He wasn’t scoring goals, but he wasn’t really missing chances. Chances were not being created.

The transfer window. Aye we’re an impatient bunch. We want signings, and if we can’t get signings, we want rumours of signings. And we don’t like the Glasgow media and their lies, and we don’t like them knowing stuff before us, and we like how Dek does his business privately, not revealing anything until there is an actual signing, as we don’t like anyone who shares shit with journalists. We the Aberdeen support as every bit as inconsistent as our football team is on the park at the moment.

Oh yeah, most meme things on the page are rattled together in about 10 – 15 minutes, the one above took a bit longer. 32 likes on Facebooks you ungrateful bastards. Stevie Nicks, Stevie May. The ponytail. Mc, instead og Mac. Come on!

Not a meme, just a moment in time. A last minute winner, players and supporters in harmony, lovin’ it. Just fuckin’ Dandy.

Speedy recovery Tommie Hoban.


Football eh. After the Motherwell game, I was apoplectic with rage. On the back of just how much I enjoyed the whole The Rangers match performance, after the St Johnstone performance I am as chilled as Zen.

Oh and I missed the St Johnstone match, as had shit loads to do as I had guests coming for dinner. It was horrible, and they won’t get invited back, making whatever Stevie May did or didn’t do, pretty irrelevant.

I’m not sure my point really. Have some memes.

charlie nicholas aberdeen

‘Champagne’ Charlie.


The tache. I went too far didn’t I. That face is difficult to get out of your head. He reminds me of Ronnie Barker’s character in open all hours.

shinnie afc

Back in the far off days of last Thursday, this is how we all felt.

santa afc

Just how many times ye gonna remix this meme fella.


We went to Hampden, twice.

pigs hampden

I did this meme a while back remixing it for the Hampden semi-final. I realised after posting it, the disgrace of Hampden remaining The National Stadium, and not the obvious solution of Murrayfield is one part Old Firm corruption (they must always have an advantage) and also, it’s the Glasgow fucking ‘journalists’. They want it in their city, so they don’t have far to travel.


“Glasgow is a football city”. Aye right. That’s why there’s 50,000 at every Partick Thistle match. Glasgow is a sectarian city.

It’s still early days, but not getting to that final was very expensive for The Rangers. And for Stevie G. It’s difficult to know if he is a manager, if he’s got that spark, that not many of them have. He has done well in Europe, but it’s his post match interviews. Very revealing. A man in a hurry. A man making mistakes. A man who might not be fun to be around. A man not stupid, but might not be that smart either. He is already repeating himself, showing a possible limit to his talents and intellect. The longer time goes, the less inside knowledge on Liverpool’s reserve players. His main skill so far is a fast depreciating asset. Only time will tell.

kris boyd

sectarian free

I wrote a poem.

racists fuck off

Dark times. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book for establishment 1%ers to keep control. Football is exactly where they will plant their puppets, to try and build on an unhappy populace pissed off with society. The banks caused the crash in 2008. Austerity has not paid back any of the debt. It is ideological, they are monsters who hate the poor and the disabled, and are driving the planet to destruction. It’s the billionaires stealing all your money you should have a problem with, not people with a different skin tone.

Harder to reach an audience on Facebook now. Still did about 600 likes on a 13000 reach. On Twitter another 600 likes, reached 50,000.

And that’s yer lot.



Gothenburg 83 aberdeen Real Madrid

Been a while since the last meme dump.  Doing memes on The Dandies the last couple of years, starting to think there is nothing else to mine, graphically.

So-o, 11th of May, as well as ye know, is in fact the artist Salvador Dali’s birth date. He was a Catalan, did artwork for *Barthalona*, so presumably not a fan of Madrid, and extra time, bendy clocks, Dali had a tache, surrealism, lobster yeah. I may have had a drink that day to celebrate the 35th anniversary.

Oh, and I’ve decided lobsters are now part of the Dandy visual identity. C’mon, they are wearing the strip.

dandies europe

We qualified for Europe again! And much like Private Ryan, the rest of the show isn’t worth watching after that bit anyway.

dandy red hand

Can’t quite remember who we were playing the day I posted this one. Subtle, I aint…

aberdna shooting

AberDNA. Ooof, we love an argument the old Dandy support. A wee bit of tension in the ranks. Just a reminder, some of us pride ourselves on grudge holding!

So what are we going to do with all that cash. What’s the point of a group poll function if you don’t use it.


Judging by the lack of signings, it appears Dek may indeed have pissed the money up a wall at a casino. Well as long as it wasn’t wasted.
The World Cup. Aye, shameful, disgraceful, childish, unnecessary. But enough about the BBC’s coverage. We weren’t entirely backing our neighbours… And on the back of the Adam Rooney media sneering, and the pub league digs in general, fuck em.

aberdeen sverigecroatia strip aberdeenafc strips

On the back of blue strips, and green strips, for younger readers, this is a Dundee Utd strip. Dundee Utd were a football team back in the Eighties…

afc lobster

Nippy little fuckers. A hard tough exterior, pretty darned spectacular inside. But enough about Aberdonians, here’s a lobster.

Told ya, lobsters are part of the Dandy identity. More to follow.

A short meme dump this time. I’m excited about the new season, new players, new challenges. It’s going to be a great season. #COYR

Meme dump number 4.
Meme dump number 3.
Meme dump 2.
Meme dump 1.


meme dump

Gru meme

This meme is so on point, it’ll cut you in half. Despite being from an eight year old film, in the world of memes, it’s brand new, as of March 9th 2018. You mean you didn’t know you can trace a meme’s history?!

The gag works by the third and fourth panel being the same text. This landed on the Dandy Dons page the morning after we knocked out Steve Clarke’s Kilmarnock. 14/03/2018.

Only 38 likes on Facebook, you bunch of bastards. Not for the first time, can’t help thinking I’m wasted on you people.

Jim Bowen

In the week the great Jim Bowen of Bullseye fame passed away. Yes it was so worth it getting it right up Steve Clarke in the quarters to be tanked by Motherwell in the semi…

I discovered a poll option in The Dandy Dons closed group.

dandy poll

‘Shake it all about’ came second! One in the eye for the exceptionally nasty element on Twitter.

It strikes me the nasty element in the Afc support on Twitter divide into two categories. Gammon faced old men who haven’t had this much fun bullying people since they were arseholes at school, and fat, seventeen year old, angry, male virgins.

My analysis is scientific.

beer afc

Aye, about the semi.


I really hate that fucking blue strip now…. Then, by a weird coincidence, I found out in the same week, I’ve done this gag before.

the northern light

I hadn’t seen The Northern Light for twenty five years. Bought four copies on eBay, arrived that week. It’s the same gag. Mo Johnston had signed for Rangers…

I clearly didn’t know how to draw hands back then. Still can’t.

oconner aberdeen

So O’Connor took a pop at the Afc support for ‘not being good enough’… does the ‘O’ stand for ‘Oirony’ by any chance Anthony?

Douglas Ross

During an Old Firm match, the Conservative MP for Moray Douglas Ross, who is also a referee, waved like an excited puppy when spotting the opportunity to send off a Celtic player. You can read what your exceptionally banker friendly MP votes for here

snow man

It was snowing a few weeks ago…


Big Doug Aberdeen

I did three or four of these a couple of years ago. This was a new one. I was very pleased with the Spanish, until someone asked why he was asking for a pie in a Dundonian accent.

easter heids



mcinnes mememckenna

One day we’ll be sitting watching some big old EPL game and the captains shake hands in the centre circle, and we’re going to say ‘I saw McKenna when he was a Dandy…’.


One for the Paul Hardcastle fans out there. The Dandy Dons – no reference too niche.
You weren’t there man! Oh, you were…


Spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding which band Stevie should join.


Dek had just turned down The Rangers. I’ve given him stick in the past, so…


So the new stadium got the go ahead. I’ll take my slogan back now. You’re welcome! Aurora? That reminds me of something Vic Reeves would randomly drop into Shooting Stars. Eranu. Uvavu. Aurora!


Unless you are an international class centre half, it takes balls of steel to sit near the front of the South Stand, such is the peer pressure should you miss yer heider…


With every managerial vacancy, it’s hold your breath time. As well as Scotland, West Brom currently planted to the foot of the EPL. Niall coming back points to there maybe being a couple of seasons yet…


There’s an awful lot of things Afc do really well. The sort of things you almost take for granted, unless you see it done badly somewhere else. I followed the SFA on Facebook for a while, partly out of professional interest. It was dreadful. The tone was wrong, the graphics, while technically professional, were poorly thought out and inappropriate. The last qualifying campaign they were using the slogan and hashtag #ThisTime. So a two word phrase that had the negative connotation of the previous failures to qualify built in.

The Red TV coverage, the passion and professionalism of Dave and Andrew, the overall tone of the whole Afc social media communication, the graphics, the use of the photographers work, the match programme, it’s all really well done. And you almost don’t notice it, which is how it should be.

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Unless of course you would rather see cats, dogs, babies, minions and that racist stuff your Gran posts…

What a year 2017 was for fitba drama. From McInnes leaving/not leaving to a player almost drowning, the Strachan and McGhee sideshow and a feckin’ blue strip. But ultimately there is only one word to describe 2017…


Although the person on Twitter who wrote ‘And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like… concomitant’ won it.



We signed Stevie May. Pretty sure it was The Red Final we should be thanking for the number 83 on his back. Well done to the club for going with it though…


And in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a tattoo of the Joker on his arm. There’s also a CND sign, so plenty new meme possibilities for Stevie in 2018.



We played a rugby match…


To the song ‘Sailing’.


The official statements. Sometimes they work, sometimes not so much. It is quite nice in the comments as people call out their mates, or ‘that bloke that’s always behind us…’. And one smart arse saying, ‘so you are moaning about people moaning…’. I’ve been using Twitter a bit more in the last few months, a different class of angry moaner on there altogether. ‘Just die!’. Because of a meme…



The Iceman cometh back again…


The brief but really very sweet return of Kevin McNaughton.


Poor old Andy. The boots were NOT photoshopped…


#WeRateDons. There’s this very silly Twitter page called We Rate Dogs. All dogs are good dogs, and all dogs are rated by an amount above ten. So I thought…


It was the weekend of El Clásico… I’ve mentioned it before but Angus is a brilliant mascot. The seagull? Really who came up with that?! The person inside does a great job however. There is a more natural and kid friendly mascot in the Aberdeen brand though. Spot the Dog. The one that went to mow a meadow…


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Jose’s gonna need to work on the bicep curls if he’s gonna rock the gilet look like Dek though.



Looks like we’ve seen the back of these two. A recent interview regarding his sacking as Scotland manager marks him down as just as petty, arrogant and deluded as McGhee. Once they are out of the limelight for a bit, maybe we can remember them again as players, heroes, legends. Just not yet…

And finally, here’s to 2018! We’ve got the Red Hulk, and an old friend back.


Click here for part 1 of the 2017 memes.





A favourite of mine, that didn’t get a lot of likes (Christ I’m needy) It’s an REM song. We were playing them. I love the floodlights. I sometimes think I’m wasted on you people.


Over 700 likes, over 50 shares, an enormous post, all because I got the typography in a line with the angle of his arm. As a graphic designer I love your appreciation… </end sarcasm>


I made a mistake. The blue strip came out. Plenty weren’t too happy, I really wasn’t that bothered. I didn’t have much time. I would have done it with a digital felt pen (obviously fake) I was in a hurry, it was quicker to fix the colour in photoshop. I came back, quite a few people thought it was real. Never my intention. Just about to delete it… fuck it, it was quite funny.


So to make amends, I start pissing about with it.


I keep pissing about.


Things to do before you die: Get Hans Gruber into an Afc meme.


‘For the many, not the few’ The Labour party slogan on the back of us lifting The White Stripes Corbyn song for McInnes. Since when did memes need footnotes?


The biggest ever meme on the page in terms of likes, shares and reach. Also built on repeat posting, which is also part of the joke. It just gets under their skin, every time.


This was a huge post. Enormous reach (close to 50 000) a lot of comments, a lot of shares. Not a single comment defending The Sun, or saying not to be political on the page. Quite fascinating to see just how unpopular Murdoch and his propaganda vehicle are. Shows why the mainstream media are so determined to control social media and the internet in general. ‘Fake news’ really? What has that rag and many others been pumping out for over a century.


Talking of fake news…


People move on in life. Some people you just know are decent and honest. Others you are bitter about…