Meme Dump number seven


Football eh. After the Motherwell game, I was apoplectic with rage. On the back of just how much I enjoyed the whole The Rangers match performance, after the St Johnstone performance I am as chilled as Zen.

Oh and I missed the St Johnstone match, as had shit loads to do as I had guests coming for dinner. It was horrible, and they won’t get invited back, making whatever Stevie May did or didn’t do, pretty irrelevant.

I’m not sure my point really. Have some memes.

charlie nicholas aberdeen

‘Champagne’ Charlie.


The tache. I went too far didn’t I. That face is difficult to get out of your head. He reminds me of Ronnie Barker’s character in open all hours.

shinnie afc

Back in the far off days of last Thursday, this is how we all felt.

santa afc

Just how many times ye gonna remix this meme fella.


We went to Hampden, twice.

pigs hampden

I did this meme a while back remixing it for the Hampden semi-final. I realised after posting it, the disgrace of Hampden remaining The National Stadium, and not the obvious solution of Murrayfield is one part Old Firm corruption (they must always have an advantage) and also, it’s the Glasgow fucking ‘journalists’. They want it in their city, so they don’t have far to travel.


“Glasgow is a football city”. Aye right. That’s why there’s 50,000 at every Partick Thistle match. Glasgow is a sectarian city.

It’s still early days, but not getting to that final was very expensive for The Rangers. And for Stevie G. It’s difficult to know if he is a manager, if he’s got that spark, that not many of them have. He has done well in Europe, but it’s his post match interviews. Very revealing. A man in a hurry. A man making mistakes. A man who might not be fun to be around. A man not stupid, but might not be that smart either. He is already repeating himself, showing a possible limit to his talents and intellect. The longer time goes, the less inside knowledge on Liverpool’s reserve players. His main skill so far is a fast depreciating asset. Only time will tell.

kris boyd

sectarian free

I wrote a poem.

racists fuck off

Dark times. Divide and rule, the oldest trick in the book for establishment 1%ers to keep control. Football is exactly where they will plant their puppets, to try and build on an unhappy populace pissed off with society. The banks caused the crash in 2008. Austerity has not paid back any of the debt. It is ideological, they are monsters who hate the poor and the disabled, and are driving the planet to destruction. It’s the billionaires stealing all your money you should have a problem with, not people with a different skin tone.

Harder to reach an audience on Facebook now. Still did about 600 likes on a 13000 reach. On Twitter another 600 likes, reached 50,000.

And that’s yer lot.