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chicken football

Everyone in football is currently waiting for the call. Real Madrid want you, it’s 250 k a week, every week for three years, plus endorsements, plus a free supply of Pepsi Max for the rest of your life.

Steven Gerrard the Rangers

So Steven Gerrard is the new manager of The Rangers. A bit of an odd decision for a number of reasons. And as 99.9 percent of the Scottish mainstream media can’t say anything negative as their tongues are so far up The Rangers arses at any given time, I’ll give it a shot.

After the game against The Rangers Tuesday 8th, yesterday, I got stuck into Ryan Christie on the Facebook page. I said, after a poor second half, the good news was he wasn’t going to play for us again.

meme dump

A final meme dump of the season. With unnecessary explanations and footnotes…

As Easter approaches, it’s time for a renaissance at Aberdeen Football Club.


There can be no more disappointing an experience for a football supporter than a failed containing game. Well, unless you support Dundee Utd. To go out to defend, to show respect where none is deserved. Celtic were just back from a bad defeat in Russia, their defence is not as tight as it has been. […]


From The Northern Light to The Dandy Dons with a couple of stops in between.


As night follows day, you’re gonna lose a game now and again. Unless of course you choose to support a team that almost always wins, and your oozing sense of entitlement means you’ll invent a conspiracy theory as to how and why your team haven’t always won every game they have ever played, while simultaneously […]

One day we’ll be sitting watching some big old EPL game and the captains shake hands in the centre circle, and we’re going to say ‘I saw McKenna when he was a Dandy…’. One for the Paul Hardcastle fans out there. The Dandy Dons – no reference too niche. You weren’t there man! Oh, you […]

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Alfredo Di Stefano

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