A big dump of Afc memes to read on the toilet – no. 1, 2017





A favourite of mine, that didn’t get a lot of likes (Christ I’m needy) It’s an REM song. We were playing them. I love the floodlights. I sometimes think I’m wasted on you people.


Over 700 likes, over 50 shares, an enormous post, all because I got the typography in a line with the angle of his arm. As a graphic designer I love your appreciation… </end sarcasm>


I made a mistake. The blue strip came out. Plenty weren’t too happy, I really wasn’t that bothered. I didn’t have much time. I would have done it with a digital felt pen (obviously fake) I was in a hurry, it was quicker to fix the colour in photoshop. I came back, quite a few people thought it was real. Never my intention. Just about to delete it… fuck it, it was quite funny.


So to make amends, I start pissing about with it.


I keep pissing about.


Things to do before you die: Get Hans Gruber into an Afc meme.


‘For the many, not the few’ The Labour party slogan on the back of us lifting The White Stripes Corbyn song for McInnes. Since when did memes need footnotes?


The biggest ever meme on the page in terms of likes, shares and reach. Also built on repeat posting, which is also part of the joke. It just gets under their skin, every time.


This was a huge post. Enormous reach (close to 50 000) a lot of comments, a lot of shares. Not a single comment defending The Sun, or saying not to be political on the page. Quite fascinating to see just how unpopular Murdoch and his propaganda vehicle are. Shows why the mainstream media are so determined to control social media and the internet in general. ‘Fake news’ really? What has that rag and many others been pumping out for over a century.


Talking of fake news…


People move on in life. Some people you just know are decent and honest. Others you are bitter about…






One of my favourite comments was someone pointing out ‘he’s even got a little comb over!’. Maybe that’s why I do this nonsense.