Stewart Milne, thanks you’re a legend


A couple of points on Milne, while our club is in limbo (so no change there)

1. Gratitude

In amongst all the talk on Stewart Milne at the moment, there is one part that I find astonishing. This isn’t really having a go at Stewart Milne either. It’s the nonsense of him being given praise for not taking us into administration or getting liquidated.

Not one club that entered administration accidentally screwed up. There was no unlucky sequence of events, other than fantastists and or crooks, got in charge of those football clubs. And it is very clear now, it is still going on, irrespective of what the SFA may say. There are clearly directors at clubs at the moment who are as fit and proper to run a football club as Prince Andrew running an under 14s netball team.

So, again, not knocking Milne here, but ‘thanks for not getting us liquidated’, is like being given thanks for not having shat the bed.

2. ‘He actually supports the team ye know…’

I’ve bumped into this quite a few times. People who have come into contact with him, then pronounce with pride they discovered him to be passionate about football. Do you realise what you are saying? ‘Actually’ or ‘really’, the tone of surprise or incredulity? You’re admitting you didn’t think he supported the team. Why would that be? Because all his decision making for the club points to him not supporting the team? So you pronouncing that like some sort of PR for him, really underlines what all your instincts on him were.
I don’t know if he does or he doesn’t, but I’d say someone with that level of success in another field, knows exactly how to show people what they want to see.

3. The Landlocked building questions

Did you build a six million quid stand on a stadium you knew to be landlocked, and therefor temporary. Had we gone to Loirston, that stadium would be 15 years old now.

Did it become landlocked after the stand was completed? ie. on your watch.

Is it really landlocked? Follow one of the Aberdeen history pages on Facebook. Beautiful photos of Aberdeen from the past. Things come, and go. What exactly around Pittodrie will be there for a thousand years? A hundred years? Fifty years?

Be awful if some of us popped back to Pittodrie in twenty five years, and some of those land-locked elements had gone of their own accord.

4. Good people and good luck

I wish Stewart Milne the best for whatever he does in the future. A long happy retirement on a Caribbean Island snorting coke off an age appropriate hotty’s arse until his dying day, in a very long time… whatever makes him happy. (Just told ya mine!)

And I totally get why so many people want to be, or just are positive about him. You are good people. Good people want to see the positive, and want the world around them to be good. Good people also, sometimes presume others are good like them.

Well I guess I’m not a good person.

Bye Stewartie.