Defending the indefensible


Nope, I’ve nothing. You’re on your own McInnes.

What can we deduct, how long has he got? Not my opinion, my guess on what the directors will do. Will he be sacked tomorrow? Depending when you are reading this. I don’t think so.

When would he be sacked, if things carried on? And ‘if’ is being exceptionally generous. If we work in reverse. How long might he get?

Probably as soon as we are out of the Scottish Cup. Let’s face it those directors are nothing if not money men. Once we are out of that one, the clock is ticking down, for a summer change at the latest.

Will the Aberdeen directors have their eye on a few candidates, will they have done their research, will they have an exciting surprise, an Italian with extensive Serie A experience, someone who has done something special a few years back in Spain or England, the next Jose Mourinho talent spotted from Portugal?

Of course not. It’s Aberdeen directors. It’ll be the guy from Motherwell, because McGhee and Broon worked out well after doing a good job in that very different job to the Aberdeen job. Or it’ll be some Yank no-one’s heard of, but he went to Notre Dam and comes *bunny ears* highly recommended *bunny ears*.

Oh, and I’d put money on Craigie Broon fancying a wee shottie as a swansong temporary manager. Maybe Alex feckin’ Smith will fly in as assistant to just finish me off on the spot. (insert gif of me shooting myself in the face here).

But the Scottish Cup was the longest he might get. What would be the shortest? Right now, three more defeats like that in our next three games, he’s out. Let’s say it’s more sporadic, good and bad performances mixed, a tanking from either of the Old Firm, or another SPL team, and that would probably be it.

I don’t write this with pleasure. Somewhere later, there will be huge affection for McInnes on what he did for the club. How brilliant I have enjoyed the last few years personally, and that my last game with my dear old Dad, was his team tearing ICT apart. And that those fucking training facilities that he, and he alone made happen, fuck off Cormack, are just about ready… is a little bit heartbreaking.

But what went wrong? Overconfidence maybe. You start to believe the hype instead of the hard work that went in early on to kick start a club that was almost dead. The loan players, the favourites, the sitting back… Is the Aberdeen job, just too hard for anyone? Football is very different from before the EPL began. And then the outside influences, AberDNA kinda meant, we had to get better. And before AberDNA we were pretty good. McKenna’s agent being an absolute c*nt. Stevie May having lost it…

The fine line between success and failure, and momentum in football, once it tips…

So I think it is now when not if. And I’m really sad about that. Be fucking brilliant if he’d prove us all wrong though.