An introduction to my bit on the side – Brønshøj BK

Nothing against those who support Man Utd, Barcelona, Liverpool or whoever in addition to the Dons, it’s just the compartment of my brain that does football, can’t multi-task. It feels like being unfaithful, but without the great sex.

However I have a guilty secret, my occasional bit on the side, Brønshøj Boldklub. As a bilingual person I will save you the bother of hitting Google Translate, it means Brønshøj, the club that plays ball. You’re welcome.

Situated in the North West of Copenhagen. They are nicknamed The Wasps. Based on the strip design, and there’s a wasp on the badge. A wasp that is in fact, flashing it’s arse at you.

While Aberdeen FC have their Game Day meme, on match day Brønshøj’s Facebook page does a ‘game starts in 30 minutes’ notice. Enough time for a shower, and a cup of coffee before a quick hurl around the lake on my bike, if there isn’t something more important on Red TV. A Danish mate of mine used to repeat an old joke, that if you called to ask what time the game started, they’d reply, ‘what time can you make it?’.

They currently play in the Danish third tier, and usually hover between that and the second. Historically their best period was in the 1980s when a young manager by the name of Ebbe Skovdahl took them into the top league, all the way to fifth. They have nice training facilities next door to the stadium, the sound of their different youth teams training fills the evening air.

I grew up with Highland League football, and it shares that same raw passion and community feel. The match day experience is lovely. I’d say ‘hyggeligt’ (the Danish word for hygge) but I’m guessing you’re all heartily sick of that word now. There is beer, schnapps, hot dogs, ‘characters’,  smoking, and a hard core element best described as mentalists – The Brønshøj Drunken Army (they use the English name), drums, flags, FOUR floodlights, oh and fitba.

Danish football is a fair bit cheaper than Scottish despite the cost of living being higher. FC Copenhagen, (or Aberdeen 4 FC Copenhagen 0, to give them their full name) who’s 40000 stadium is also used by the Danish national team, are between 10 quid and 15 for a Superliga match. Similar to the hourly rate of the Danish minimum wage. The beer however, will be where the money is made.

Alcohol was banned at Scottish football matches because of two teams. Why can’t all the other teams have alcohol?

Anyway, there were 470 at this game. Officially. Brønshøj won the game 3-2.

A couple of years ago, I noticed another Afc connection. Black and gold stripes. It took me eighteen years to spot that. It’s lucky my job as a graphic designer doesn’t involve being visually orientated. On Facebook.