A song for Europe, the European song on red vinyl


As I have been putting together the book of your stories of Gothenburg 83, this has triggered some of my own long forgotten memories of that time – by the way George RR Martin has been in touch regarding the book, asking me why it’s not done yet.

The European song, the white vinyl, I had the single. But that wasn’t my European song. Fifteen year old me, living in the home of the stepmother from hell (Buckie), had introverted completely into myself, and only football and music mattered. My world was locked in.

My version was a little more European than The European Song, and begins just as couthie (if that’s the word), and also significantly for how my brain made the switch, I had it on the album, in red vinyl. This was my European song. The song I will forever link with Gothenburg. The one piece of light, in a dark, abusive world.

Thanks Sir Alex. Crank it up.