The thing about Wullie right, if you see him in highlights or whatever and think, aye he was good, what you need to understand is, he always played like that. Whether against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Hamilton on a cold Wednesday night, he gave 100% and drove the team to win, always. His consistency was incredible. His ability to read the game, to know exactly where the ball was going to arrive, astonishing. It was like the ball was made of metal, and he was a magnet.

Countless times I witnessed the opposition attack, punting a high ball in, a crowd of players rise for the ball, and Wullie, timed to perfection, from a position facing his own goal as the opposition broke forward, turn and rise with perfect timing to head the ball clear. His timing in the tackle perfection. Not for nothing described by Ferguson as ‘the best penalty box defender in Europe’.

To see him play week after week was incredible. An honour and a privilege. Willie Miller, Mr. Aberdeen. End of.

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