Aberdeen FC and football moving forwards


These are very unusual times we are living in. Despite what Bill Shankly’s quote says football is pretty insignificant in the scheme of things.

Dave Cormack appears the perfect person to be in charge of the club at this time, so we can all chill out a bit about Afc’s survival. But looking at football as a whole, and some of the unknowns facing it.

Every year, club football takes a break for two and a half months in the summer. Right now, football has been closed for about a fortnight. The players are training alone to maintain fitness, but they are resting in terms of aches and pains and assorted knocks. No-one is trying to kick them several times a week like in a normal week. So for their bodies, it’s the summer break.

So what might happen for a restart? Football, like the rest of society, will need money. So they will need games as quickly as possible, and as it will be an even playing field of the opposition not being match fit either, the games can start right away and they can get match fit playing real games. Twice a week, because revenue. Albeit how skint will the rest of society be.

As it’s still being argued about on Twitter, I think football will begin with the end of the season 2019-2020 however late that will be. Let’s say hypothetically in six months. This will be because the end of the season is far more financially rewarding than the beginning of a season, when things start quite slow.

So if I’m right, there will be semis and a final, there will be league title run ins, and flag unveiling, European places to fight for and relegation battles to be won and lost and play offs. This will generate more money quickly, will stop any legal action from clubs or bookies (who are big football sponsors) and should leave if not everybody happy, less people unhappy.

Then as soon as that season is over, I think they will start the brand new season 2020-2021 without any break. Perhaps slightly truncated, there will be no summer break in 2021. Maybe a fortnight for them all to head to Ibiza or whatever.

So with no normal summer break for 2020 and 2021 that adds up to five months that football is kind of okay for. Obviously no-one knows how long this will go on for. But football came out of two world wars, it will come out of this.

As for European football, well it’s the same for all countries. Every problem Aberdeen and Scottish football has, so does AC Milan and Real Madrid. So the same solutions will work for them. It however wouldn’t be a big surprise if the biggest clubs are looking to engineer a super league or something so they can make maximum buck after all this, and it’s something they’ve being working towards for a long time. To be cynical for a second.

It may well be society starts getting back together without borders being opened. China has now closed its borders to stop Corona getting back in. So European games are pretty insignificant, as is international football, as is football…