Ryan Giggs manager of Wales

Ryan Giggs is to be the Welsh football manager. Really? Really?! I went through managerial choices with regard to Aberdeen when we were pretending that we thought McInnes was about to leave just because he didn’t turn up for training…

So again, is Giggs bringing his boots? Is he ten years younger? All he is bringing is his football brain. Is that better than a specialised football manager? Has he done something spectacular at Cowdenbeath, Bury, Scunthorpe, Swansea, Man Utd as a manager? Is the reason he hasn’t accepted a lesser position to learn the trade because, just maybe, like Alan Shearer at Newcastle, he’ll be shit at it.

Then there is the issue of being photogenic. As Shearer is, in an aging centre forward kind of a way. And Beckham going to Real Madrid. Wasn’t Scholes a far better player? But not as pretty. Why are we so shallow and trusting in those who ‘look the part’. Football is a results business.

I have followed Roy Hodgson’s career for a long time. I worked as an illustrator for FC Copenhagen while he was managing them. He turned them around, making them Danish champions in a couple of months. I personally don’t think they have been as good since, despite having Old Firmesque financial advantages over other Danish clubs. He did great work at Fulham and West Brom. England didn’t work out.

When he got sacked by Liverpool, it struck me he was never accepted from the day the supporters saw him in their dugout. Wrong face.

How dare someone who doesn’t look the part, manage our club. I’m sure Freud would have an opinion on what that is about.

So Giggs to Wales, I wish him well. I hope I have to eat humble pie.

Beckham awaits the call from England.

McCoist applied for Sunderland recently. He must fancy the Scotland job some time.

Football. Jesus wept.

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