In praise of Kenny Mclean

We can only guess at what has gone on, the reasoning behind decisions by what evidence we are given. Kenny McLean has signed for Norwich City for a fee, an unnecessary fee as he was out of contract, of 225 000 quid. Of which 200k goes to Aberdeen, 25k goes to his former club St Mirren.

He cost Aberdeen 300k. A lot of money for a club our size as an outlay, and has got us back two thirds of it, while leaving a nice wad of cash for St Mirren.

So why not sign a pre contract and snap all that cash into his own bank account when the time comes? And why stay until the end of the season?

Niall coming back, when probably Hearts and Hibs offered more money, and the relative obscurity of disappearing into the bigger city of Edinburgh, points to the obvious fact, despite the fucking appaling training facilities, the players love working for McInnes. They presumably enjoy he and his coaching staff’s company, the bants, and the professionalism that pretty much always gets the very best out of them as players. You could also guess that Mclean staying hints at the players feel something big is potentially happening this season, that he wants to be part of.

So presumably while in talks with Norwich he was in a strong negotiating position. Other clubs were interested, one in particular currently without a pot to piss in, however having cash to burn like a sixteen year old with their first ever pay cheque come season ticket time, making lavish promises they almost certainly can’t fulfil. (guess who).

So what might a Norwich City player earn. None of our business Kenny, but Google is our friend. Lots of websites offering suggestions which may or not be accurate, including Naismith having been on 35k per week. Every week. He did of course sign in the EPL, as opposed to The Championship where they are now.

One site puts their base salary at about 800k per year. 15k per week. On a 3 and a half year deal that’s 2.8 million. He will most certainly have at least one big contract after that, he’ll have earned at least 200k a year at Aberdeen. Unless he’s got a big gambling habit, onto his seventh wife, or an as yet undiscovered hokey cokey habit, safe to say Kenny McLean is doing alright. Albeit none of our fucking business.

But still, in a career where their potential earnings window is very small, one injury and it’s all over, to go out of his way to get Aberdeen and St Mirren the money, is frankly astonishing. Unheard of. Russell Anderson waving a signing on fee to Aberdeen when signing for Sunderland springs to mind.

That’s without factoring into the equation the dog’s abuse he has received from us. The full 100% Billy Stark, Bobby Connor, Darren Mackie dog’s abuse. Online, at the stadium, I suspect probably in the street too. The questions often repeated being ‘what does McInnes see in him, why is he never dropped, why is he the favourite’?

Well I guess we know why now. Kenny McLean is a team player, a real team player, and not just on the pitch. What a guy. Aberdeen FC Hall of fame. Now.