McInnes – the great escape?

Aye, another week, and for the umpteenth time, I’m writing the last ever blog article on here. It’s interesting times, so damn it, here’s a look at the Kilmarnock Cup game, but without any tactical nonsense. Aye, like the team. This shit writes itself.

So I was 100% with McInnes up until they came back from Dubai. Seeing them return without an iota of improvement, I just went ‘enough’. I’d been not happy with the team for eighteen months and just sick of waiting for them to ‘turn the corner’. Plus the whole Ryan Christie, Maddison thing with loan players had kind of sickened me bit by bit along with a feeling that certain players’ careers appeared more important than the good of the team. Particularly the now multi-millionaires Shinnie and McLean. We’d not been a team for a long time, I’d finally lost hope he’d recreate a proper team like his first one.

And that took us to St Johnstone midweek, and I wrote an odd blog afterwards, including a strong indication that if they lost against Kilmarnock in the cup, I felt it was over.

Fitba’s a weird old game. St Johnstone was awful. More awful. But, quite a while afterwards, had me thinking about that game. The result and the disappointment had stopped me spotting something. For my untrained, non technical, daydreamy graphic designer brain, they had improved. In fact for the first time in several years, I could see a team in there. The unit was back. Not a collection of individuals just getting by. I was again fascinated at pieces of interplay and individual performances. It needs tweaking, but not that much tweaking. So something from Dubai was beginning to take shape. It had just taken a couple of games to begin to become apparent.

And ultimately in football, the one thing you really need to see is improvement. The goals haven’t come yet, but they will. We know McInnes can build a team that score goals. Which brings me to our Sam.

We know Sam can score goals, because we’ve watched him doing it. “He’s nae tryin'”, “he didnae wint tae be here”.

He’s gone off form you daft melts. He was carrying the whole fucking team for about a year. Give him a fucking break. And he won’t find his form, on the fucking bench.

Sorry, I just drifted out of my positive mindset, into stupidly reacting to people on Twitter. Lets just take a closer look at our Sam Cosgrove relationship from the very beginning. He arrived, costing virtually nothing, we (actually you, not me, I spotted something very early. That’s not important, I take no pleasure in this, this doesn’t make me better than you, or anyone else in the Afc support – we are all equals – and there is no need to underline it, but I spotted Sam was a player right away. But it’s no biggie. Forget I mentioned it, not that important. Called it.) forgotten where this sentence was going…

He was given dog’s abuse for a long time. A reminder the Ballon D’Or nickname was sarcastic originally, and designed to destroy him. That he then started, and couldn’t stop, banging in the goals, made it fun, if you selectively ignored the original intent. He scored a fuck load of goals, (I don’t do stats) and only since the winter break, has he had his first ever form dip in an Aberdeen strip. And low and fucking behold, we have a significant element in our support giving him dog’s abuse again. What are you, fucking goldfish? Seriously, confidence is so important in football. What on earth is it that makes an element go after, and try to damage a player’s confidence?


So here’s an out there prediction to get me flamed on social media. McInnes is on the verge of doing something astonishing. Something very few managers have done. He is about to bring a football team out of a death roll, and we are going to be really, really good again, probably quite soon. And by death roll, I mean that moment where a team loses confidence, it transfers to the crowd, and ultimately to a trigger happy director and the inevitable sacking. Which happens all the time in football. It’s all going to be okay, and we’ll all say, we knew it would happen. But I’ll have the time-stamped blog to prove it…

And yeah smart arses on social media, he’s not going to shag me. But, if he could just drop the word ‘Dandy’ into a post match interview, then…

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