Through the Facebook page and group I asked for your stories on Gothenburg, and a lot of you did and this free download was the result. So let’s do another one as social media is particularly good for collecting stories, and none of us are getting any younger. Also perhaps a way to help get us all through ‘this thing’.

These stories are to be your personal memories, or perhaps those a relative/friend told you about. Again whatever becomes the end result won’t be for sale, it belongs to everyone so will go out for free. No-one will financially benefit from your story.

Stories can be sent by email, or shared on the social media comments of The Dandy Dons as that was a great way to chat about memories last time, and trigger memories for others.

What is different this time? Stories on anything at all connected to the Dons from before 1983. Queing for Liverpool tickets. Starting that fire in the board room (kidding). Cup finals in the 70s, the 60s. Do you have a Zoltan Varga story no-one has heard, or when George Best played, Ipswich, Hamburg, there has to be a million events that could lead to a fun story, whatever you have got. Take another look at the Gothenburg book. It can be one sentence. It can be paragraphs, or perhaps a chapter. Photos (previously unpublished) or of memorabilia pre 1983, fantastic.

One of the issues that came up with the Gothenburg book, was everyone getting a bit uncomfortable about writing. Well as it turned out, the nature of the book, being in lots of voices, turned out no-one gave a shit about the grammar or the style of everyone’s prose, it was the story that mattered, and the audience is people just as obsessed with the Dons as you and I.

So get writing. You’ve a good few weeks if you want to take a run at it. There will be reminders and nagging and fake deadlines along the way.

Stand Free, Iain