gothenburg 83 fans stories

Gothenburg 83 – The Fans’ stories

Gothenburg 83 – The Fans’ stories is a free 112 page A4 downloadable book (PDF) of the collected stories, photos and a few illustrations of Gothenburg 1983, collected from supporters via The Dandy Dons website and social media pages. An enormous thank you to those who shared their stories and photos.


The Union Street Aberdeen Dandy Megastore – exclusive photos

The Dandy Dons Union Street Aberdeen FC Dandy Megastore™ exclusive designs and ideas.
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My favourite McInnes game, and my dear old Dad

A bit about my favourite game, and my father.

Ally may begg to differ

A little bit about Afc's Ally Begg...

Me and Zlatan

My connection with world class footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The time Eoin Jess got me a huge bollocking

Painting Eoin Jess onto blackboards in London, because it had to be done.