One of the nice aspects of creating illustrations, is now and again you bump into your own artwork unexpectedly. Always sweet, sometimes the artwork has carelessly ‘lost’ it’s signature, or even been doodled on. Whatever, the more art in the world, the better.
So I bumped into a couple of old friends on Twitter.

My two covers for The Northern Light fanzine. I have a feeling maybe the one on the right was a back cover. I remember painstakingly adding the Letraset lettering (no Mac then) for the vertical typography on the right.

So in the interests of, ye know ego, I’ll just drop into the comments, to gently point out the person who created the art over 25 years ago is me. Hello! And a silly wee Oasis gag too.

Not a sausage. Nada. Nix. No one gives a shit you egotistical tool. Serves ya right.
I pop back a bit later, just in case, I don’t know, Willie Miller has opened a Twitter account specially, and has thanked me, and said those last two cups were all down to me. Could happen…

Oooh, even better. The Heritage account, has descended from the clouds of Aberdeen FC royalty, to leave a comment. Presumably sent via a tablet of stone to a guy on a hill to tweet.

They’ve taken time away from fiddling with their toys in the permanently mothballed Afc museum someone thinks should be in Westhill and not central Aberdeen. Where the people are. Why no Guggenheim in Westhill I wonder? The mothballing of which pretty much representing a metaphor of the last twenty years of Aberdeen FC general management.
I wonder which member of the Heritage team would be commenting on The Northern Light. Who could it be?
Well I’d literally mentioned his name earlier in the thread.

Still nothing. Well aware of the random nature of what people spot on their Twitter feed, and the level of concentration and time some people use. But having been turned down by The Red Final when I offered artwork after the great The Northern Light band split up of 1993, on the back of having slaved away for free on both The Northern Light, and The Granite Kipper, which was a singular waste of my fucking time, as there was no material to write on anything, but I was too nice to say no, because I liked Chris. Am I going to handle it like a mature adult, old enough to seriously know better?

Am I fuck.

And the response.
Let it go Iain, let it go…

Oh and one other thing. So you have all The Northern Lights ready for the museum when the stadium opens in possibly a decade. Just in time for the last of the actual audience to have passed away. Such a shame there’s no website it could go on… or photos of the museum pieces you have hoarded could go online. Be nice if our club could try living in the present. It’s been a while.