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charlie nicholas aberdeen training

The other side of Charlie Nicholas’s brilliant goal against Celtic.

charlie nicholas aberdeen celtic

The story of Charlie Nicholas signing for Aberdeen.

Leighton Snelders

Jim Leighton versus Theo Snelders, who was best?

A look back at the talking points from Aberdeen Motherwell 22/09/2018.

“These guys have contacts in Dubai and one of them had asked if it would be possible for Ed Sheeran to play there and they then asked me. “When I first considered it, I thought ‘How the hell do you go about that?’ and then I realised he was playing at Hampden in the summer […]

No pressure James mate. Whenever you’re ready. May contain lobster.

machine gun

Lots of calls for Bruce Anderson to start for Aberdeen, and calls that it should have happened already. Here’s why I think he shouldn’t, unless the manager thinks he should…

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