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meme dump

A final meme dump of the season. With unnecessary explanations and footnotes…

As Easter approaches, it’s time for a renaissance at Aberdeen Football Club.


From The Northern Light to The Dandy Dons with a couple of stops in between.


As night follows day, you’re gonna lose a game now and again. Unless of course you choose to support a team that almost always wins, and your oozing sense of entitlement means you’ll invent a conspiracy theory as to how and why your team haven’t always won every game they have ever played, while simultaneously […]

One day we’ll be sitting watching some big old EPL game and the captains shake hands in the centre circle, and we’re going to say ‘I saw McKenna when he was a Dandy…’. One for the Paul Hardcastle fans out there. The Dandy Dons – no reference too niche. You weren’t there man! Oh, you […]


It’s a difficult question that needs to be asked. In light of recent events, have the personnel at Pittodrie taken us as far as we can. Is it time for change? Are these the correct people to take us to the next level? We must first acknowledge what has brought us to this. We owe […]


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