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Lie number 1: The most powerful driving forces within Scottish football are The Old Firm, The Scottish media, the football governing authorities, club directors, sponsors and TV companies. The most powerful force within Scottish football is EVERYONE ELSE. The supporters of all the clubs out with The Old Firm who refused to purchase season tickets […]


Here are the top five Old Firm lies. Repeated regularly by the clubs and the succulent lamb Scottish media. There is no such thing as the Old Firm. Why are they here talking of their common aims. Discussing each other as one entity, an entity with a common goal, and an understanding that for […]


Why has the SFA been re-named? Why did they copy the English League names when re-naming the Scottish leagues ? Are the people responsible incompetent, devious or in fact visionaries…


Let’s say for the sake of argument, Aberdeen F.C. will eventually get a new stadium. That stadium will need a name, and the stands will need names. What would be your preferred names?


Preparations for the Celtic game tomorrow, Saturday the 12th 2015.


Sorry Dundee, just kidding. Used to live there, a lovely place. But, eh, if your name starts with a ‘D`… This was a gag in the week Banksy opened his theme park.

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