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machine gun

Lots of calls for Bruce Anderson to start for Aberdeen, and calls that it should have happened already. Here’s why I think he shouldn’t, unless the manager thinks he should…


An interesting transfer window. Did we spend all the transfer budget plus the DNA money on what we got? It could be.

dandy lion

With discussions getting heated between supporters over the merits of singing the Durrant song, I will go into how I remember it and the aftermath.

buckie thistle

A Dons team just played Buckie Thistle at Victoria Park. I wasn’t there, it’s a while since I saw a Dons team play Buckie Thistle. Here’s a bit about when I saw them.


An end of season, close season meme dump in preparation for 2018-2019.

So Adam has gone. Very sad, but it’s football, everything changes, everything stays the same. As an Aberdeen player his position in Aberdeen history is that of a footballing legend. Never to be forgotten. No other player had their own illustration page on the dandy dons website, seriously, after the Balon d’Or, that’s the honour. […]

Football's coming home

The World Cup brought up all the old discussions on whether Scottish people should support England, whether ABE was a bit of banter or full on hatred/bigotry. Here’s a slightly different angle on it.

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