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On the back of being turned over by a low flying Dundee Utd, a ridiculously premature look at Stephen Glass.

Aberdeen FC are currently at a crossroads. The McInnes era has ended, and the Glass era is just beginning. Now we as football supporters must patiently await what will happen, while giving complete backing to the management team, new players and the Chairman. You’d think that wouldn’t you. And then in a complete change from […]


I’m an Aberdeen supporter. Would I ever want the team to not do well? Of course not. Would I be delighted to eat humble pie, and see great football, a successful winning team, that is scared of no team’s reputation managed by Stephen Glass? Christ yeah! Would I happily start making Stephen Glass memes and […]


A messy, slightly emotional, slightly relieved early look back at the McInnes era


There are problems down Pittodrie way. It’s now been 100,000 hours without a goal from open play from Aberdeen FC. There is bad news for ‘Hitler’. And just like every Youtube Channel, a like and Subscribe makes a huge difference, then I’ll get round to make more video content.


Aberdeen v Livingston was very significant. Everything McInnes’s Aberdeen can’t do, was on the pitch for Livingston. Organisation, motivation, the importance of the team unit, set up with regard to knowing what the opposition were going to do, flexible enough to adapt during the game. Coldly and cynically and expertly took us apart. And it […]


In an odd development, potential footballer and serial physio table ornament Scott Wright is leaving to join the Rangers. It’s annoying, it’s disappointing, even more significantly, it’s a bit weird. And quite predictably for Scottish football, another far more significant story is being missed by Scotland’s client journalism media. It appears a certain football club […]

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