In an odd development, potential footballer and serial physio table ornament Scott Wright is leaving to join the Rangers. It’s annoying, it’s disappointing, even more significantly, it’s a bit weird. And quite predictably for Scottish football, another far more significant story is being missed by Scotland’s client journalism media.

It appears a certain football club are downsizing. Significantly downsizing, and the product on the pitch will be of a significantly poorer quality. Also it appears their director of football might just be, really, really shit at their job. Or McCrorie and Ferguson being released and turning out to be good players needed some sort of ‘revenge’? It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when supporters are scrambling about wondering why you were signed eh Scotty?! Maybe it was for your banter on Rangers TV? Who knows, who cares…

Buckle up for some pandemic rage

Then there’s the anger. Reasons to be very, very angry. I’ve posted on social media a front cover illustration I did from The Northern Light fanzine in 1989 when Paul Wright left for QPR, and a P&J cartoon I did when David Robertson left for Rangers. Apart from blowing my own trumpet (see Bill Hicks), and pointing out I’ve been doing this shit way too long, and really should stop now, I’m just showing this same thing has happened countless times. And will happen again and again.

But what I am angry about, what I am absolutely livid about, is Willie Miller.

Unlike these players and countless others who left for more money first chance they got, Willie Miller was a world class footballer. He could have left many times, chose not to, and lifted twelve trophies as captain. That’s TWELVE TROPHIES AS CAPTAIN.

To honour that loyalty, to honour those achievements Aberdeen’s directors, have named a training pitch after him.

A fucking training pitch.

Aberdeen football club have three stands named after NOTHING. And have done for several decades. A couple of weeks back Chris Anderson’s wife passed away. Imagine what it might have meant to her if The South Stand hand been named after her late husband. Too fucking late now.

The same fucking directors with the fucking idiocy of the Kingsford stadium. Idiotic beyond belief. Training facilities HAVE to be next to the stadium because? Because why?

We’re going to have a museum? Really!! It’ll open after the last one of us is dead. The museum could be ANYWHERE in central Aberdeen. But oh no, it must go hand in hand with the white elephant generic McStadium in the middle of fucking nowhere that will destroy the club.

The chronic mismanagement of Aberdeen FC from the destruction of Pittodrie to the club’s history and legends being treated like dirt by Aberdeen’s directors. And a huge number of our supporters won’t say a bad word about either Chairmen the last twenty years. Caught up in an Aberdeen FC Stockholm Syndrome (Gothenburg Syndrome) tip toeing around on eggshells desperate to not upset the multi-millionaire whose decision making is beyond idiotic and incompetent at best.

Ironically we may actually have a potential lifeline coming from the last people on earth you’d expect something sensible from. Aberdeen fucking Councillors. The people that collectively as good as destroyed a city during a fucking oil boom. Jesus wept!! Your enemy’s enemy’s enemy’s enemy’s enemy is your ‘friend’. I suspect the beach suggestion will get kicked into touch when convenient. Councillors and developers and unfuckingbelievably bad decisions go together like Scotty Wright and Ryan Hedges. (Rangers will be coming for him later, brace yourself)

And if those God awful f*cking cretins get voted back in then it’s safe to say the whole city of Aberdeen has Stockholm Syndrome.

Yeah I’m angry. But not about a nonentity like Scott Wright leaving. From the complete and very deliberate disrespect to Willie Miller, and just about everything else they’ve done the last few decades, and I’m fucking sick of the fact they’ve gotten away with it, and countless people will defend them and attack me for writing this.

Willie Miller got a fucking training pitch named after him. AFC. Absolute fucking cunts.