Post Glass and reasons to be cheerful – part 4

What a waste, what a waste, rock n roll don’t mind…

What a time to be alive. On the verge of world war 3 on the Russian, Ukraine border, a potential end of days nuclear world war (as opposed to the more user friendly non nuclear world wars) fed by US based arm dealers and an out of control, criminally dishonest, CIA controlled, mainstream media. A far right eugenics loving sociopath as Prime Minister, backed by a cabinet of the worst human beings to ever draw breath, with a leader of the opposition as much a Tory as the people he pretends to oppose. In the midst of a pandemic, governed by people who literally want you dead, as they give the NHS over to US Big Pharma. Julian Assange in prison convicted of nothing, for reporting on US war crimes, and with the enfolding climate catastrophe, we’ve got 30 years tops before our entire race is extinct…

However, they’ve sacked Stephen Glass. Well thank fuck for that. That one, was important.

So Stephen Glass is a human being, with feelings and emotions, and despite me daring to ‘punch down’ regularly by questioning what a couple of Chairmen worth hundreds of millions between them are up to, I am not an actual sociopath. So a level of kindness is required. Albeit Glass has also walked away with several hundred grand in his back pocket for not being able to do a job he should never have been given. I think he’ll be fine. I don’t think he’ll be worrying about his next electric bill, and I am convinced someone smart like him, won’t be stupid enough to read my blog. (no disrespect to you of course!!)

Elephant in the blog, I called it right at the beginning. Which was very weird, and genuinely not happy to be right. Also I was very surprised just how bad he was, and think we have dodged a massive bullet by him being, quite frankly, dreadful. Had he shown some promise, a bit of improvement, we could easily have been stuck with him, and sitting in sixth for the next eighteen months. So thank 6OD, he was fucking atrocious. And, well done to the board (I know) for acting swiftly. I KNOW!! (does this get me back into Hall of Fame contention?)

In retrospect, the whole appointment hamstrung him from the very beginning. It appeared as if his whole appointment was based on not being McInnes, and was reverse engineered to appeal to a few aggressively loud Twitter accounts.

The football philosophy for example, made no sense, other than to be the antithesis of the later period of McInnes. If he had done it before, at Dunfermline or at a senior level in the States and gone, we did x, y, and z, and look, we scored 142 goals in a season, fair enough. But to arrive with that in his head after never having done it before, plus the whole ‘self confidence’ thing, was a recipe for disaster. I don’t doubt he is a genuine, decent guy, and the saddest part is, there may be a football manager in there. The ‘self confidence’ part seemed very false (from his interviews). It worked when Klopp arrived at Liverpool. I’m going to do this and this, and as a result this will happen. Players get on board, and through confidence growing the whole thing comes together. But Klopp had done it before, so the self confidence (infectious enthusiasm) is real.

Had Glass been more honest, and been, we’ve not done this before, we aim for this, we are all in this together, then maybe we could have all gone on a fun journey together. It felt like he was doing an impersonation of a football manager, rather than being himself, in charge of a football team. I hope he carries on, learns from it, and Davie Moyes style reappears somewhere else.

So what about Aberdeen FC moving forward. We will eventually find out if they have learned, or if it is a frying pan, deep fat fryer situation, but for now, a huge relief.

One interesting part of assorted names coming up, is how we as football supporters prefer the complete unknown, to the quite good, we know, but not shiny and new. It is the same with players. The transfer window a buzz with speculation for the unknown, when three weeks later, we may well f*cking loathe that previously ‘exciting unknown’.

Goodwin comes under ‘the known’, and therefor ‘a bit boring’ option. The bloke in Norway with a name like a bad Scrabble selection, the super exciting unknown. If the same bloke was doing very well at Motherwell, he’d just be ‘that bloke at Motherwell’.

I remember a version of it under Ian Porterfield. Peter Weir, Gothenburg Great and arguably one of Aberdeen’s greatest ever players, ushered out the door, as Portaloo ‘didn’t fancy him’. Gary Hacket on the bench brought on as sub, the excitement from the crowd at this ‘exciting unknown’. And who knows, maybe one day, Gary Hacket will get past a full back.

No, there is no real moral or point to that. Just, we all do it.