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A favourite of mine, that didn’t get a lot of likes (Christ I’m needy) It’s an REM song. We were playing them. I love the floodlights. I sometimes think I’m wasted on you people. Over 700 likes, over 50 shares, an enormous post, all because I got the typography in a line with the angle […]


So I did something I’m ashamed of. Really ashamed of. The video some of you will have seen on social media of the climbing of the Pittodrie floodlights… I clicked the link. I know, terrible and shameful. I clicked on a link that took me into The Daily Record website. I’d already seen some of […]


The second and final part of Sandy’s photos. Some are obvious, a few legends, a missing tache, some complete unknowns, kipper ties, and  three might be from Dundee. The comments are open at the end of the article, or comment on the link on Facebook. Here’s part 1.


Sandy sent in some photos from a few years ago. Some of them are obvious, particularly at the beginning, but neither Sandy or I know who a few of them are. We have some guesses, but pretty sure there are a few out there who will know exactly who everyone else is, and maybe have […]


I’m an Aberdonian, but I didn’t grow up in the city. I moved back into Aberdeen at seventeen, and went to a couple of games that first season. The football kicked in properly the following season, when I began as an art student at Gray’s School of Art. I didn’t know what middle class was, […]

Some contradicting opinions about stuff, some not so serious, one is exceptionally delicate though.


With Ryan Jack leaving Aberdeen and probably Ash Taylor too, the small, but by Christ loud, miserable prick element in the Aberdeen support have agreed to go to Pittodrie next season to actually support the team instead of getting on a player’s back to destroy their confidence and ruin their career. A spokesman for the […]

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“Aberdeen have what money can’t buy – a soul, a team spirit built in a family tradition”

Alfredo Di Stefano

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