Colt teams

Celtic and Rangers are trying to get their Colt teams somewhere into Scottish football. There are obvious reasons why they wish this, all to do with money. This can get them a home game every Saturday, it effectively gets them a second franchise, and gets them more of the all important sectarian derbies that generate money, publicity and of course division and hate.

Despite their claims of being global brands, they are most certainly not. For them to generate more money they must tap into their Scottish and Irish supporters which means another team in Scotland or Ireland if they could get away with it. It also leaves something behind should they manage to get into the English set up or a European set up. It would leave the ‘second string’ still as permanent winners where escaping Scottish football could lead to a considerable number of losses, or at the very least considerably less trophy potential than is currently the case. Their brands are based on winning, and religion of course.

As with the teams attempting to start a closed relegation free European Super League recently, they care not for sport, football or society. Only extra profits, irrespective of any damage that does to the game or society in the longer term.

How to stop this is very easy. The same way Sevco were forced to start in the bottom tier of Scottish football. The untold story that weirdly never gets a mention in the media at any level whatsoever.

Just to take you back to how that happened. As good as every pundit, every newspaper, ever TV channel, The SPFL, The SFA, every person given a voice in the media shouted, demanded that Sevco had to start in the top league. With all sorts of pronouncements on armageddon unfolding for Scottish football if this was not the case.

Yet it never happened. Why would that be? What happened that meant the entire Scottish establishment didn’t get their way regarding Sevco?

There is an obvious clue. The timing of the announcement as to which league Sevco were to start in. It was just a couple of weeks before the league itself started. Why would that be?

Very simple, season ticket holders of every single team in Scotland were not buying their season tickets. Or at least a significant enough number. Effectively enough supporters were prepared to walk away from football should that team not have started in the bottom tier. It was a gigantic game of brinkmanship that went on all summer. The media using everything in their propaganda arsenal to get what they wanted.

The Scottish football and media establishment lost. They lost very, very badly, because real football supporters came together, without even being organised together. Without fighting under one banner. They just wouldn’t buy their season tickets, until it was confirmed which league Sevco were to start in.

So you can see why the establishment media don’t like to mention this. Arguably one of the best and most inspiring moments of football supporters of different clubs all coming together. And winning.

The whole story has been ‘memory holed‘ by a corrupt not fit for purpose media. There are no journalists. Only establishment propagandists.

How fast could a ‘Colts team dream’ be wiped out at a stroke if Dave Cormack were let known either there’s no season ticket purchase until this is guaranteed not to happen, or there needs to be a clause in the season ticket purchase. A full refund if Celtic and Rangers Colt teams appear anywhere in Scottish football.

I think if there is one thing with Dave Cormack, he gets things done, and quickly. He has the power, the confidence and the skills to knock this idea out at a stroke if he so wishes.

As with The European Super League teams, that they are trying to pull this stunt (a long term aim) during the pandemic is even more sick.

Celtic and Rangers Colt teams in league football are poison for the game, and must be ‘burned to the ground’ before they get started. Right now, season ticket time, is the only time Scottish football supporters have leverage. The rest of the time we are largely ignored and taken for granted.

The time is now.

Hello lovely people,

…and I will love you forever. Buy me two, and I’ll consider stopping.