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The Afc museum, shop, cafe – a better explanation

So the last article upset a good few people. https://thedandydons.com/the-aurora-video-seriously/ Never my intention, happy to admit I worded things wrongly, albeit not intentionally. I believe the core part of my point is worth explaining a bit deeper. With my own mock-up. And changing the scenario a bit. It’s all about business. Currently Pittodrie is a […]

WTF, after St Johnstone

Well wasn’t that fun. I kind of got the European catastrofuck. It just landed badly. A rub of the green in Croatia, playing a team determined to get revenge, too many new players, not training properly to be ready for or recover from games, ground fitness work going in for the season, but that St […]

A bit about Gothenburg 83 The fans’ stories book

At best I thought a few blog articles of stories of Gothenburg, it became a 112 page eBook. As I didn’t write it, only compiled and designed it, I think I can say, it’s a great book. I kept it free as they aren’t my stories, and even if I’d charged with a view to […]

Aberdeen FC social media watching and McKenna

If you spend way too much time as a page admin on social media, you start to study behaviour patterns and get a feel for the mood of the Aberdeen FC support. The Dandy Dons has about 16000 followers between platforms. Something to remember in the current unhappy Afc support mood. If we had won […]