In life we all make mistakes. We can all move forward from those mistakes, by addressing them, learning from them, and if need be, apologising for them.

Scott Brown needs to apologise for backing Tonev after Tonev racially abused one of our players. That it was one of our players is not the significant point.

I don’t think for a second Scott Brown, Ronnie Deila or the Celtic board are racist. But collectively, and judging by how uncomfortable Deila looked in the video, under the instruction of senior people at Celtic, they did something very wrong. They did it, because they could. They could because Celtic and Rangers are so large, and so powerful, they and their supporters, can effectively do what they want, with little or no serious questioning in the Scottish media.

For example the behaviour of Rangers supporters last weekend (early May 2021) is part of that. They won’t have points deducted, they won’t be fined, there won’t be life bans, there were remarkably few arrests, no lessons will be learned. They had done a mini version of it a couple of weeks previously, and after a few hand ringing ‘why oh why’ comment pieces in the media, it will be forgotten, until it happens again. And most certainly they will get to jam their Colts team into a league without their supporters’ behaviour, or the damage to society more ‘Old Firm’ games will do to Scottish society being mentioned, or connected by the media.

Another example, when a Rangers player was racially abused by a Czech player a few weeks ago, the Scottish media were apoplectic with rage and righteous fury at this disgraceful behaviour. Because the same media had ‘memory holed’ the Tonev story, it was days after before they connected the two. Only because social media connected the two for them. They simply never held Celtic to account for their disgraceful behaviour, nor the behaviour of their fans in then going after the racially abused player at every opportunity there after, as they are too powerful, and the media are scared of them.

Shay spoke about this publicly. I believe he was exceptionally generous in closing down the story, which was exceptionally beneficial to Scott Brown and Dave Cormack.

He did however tweet about the Celtic supporters abuse the day before Celtic played Aberdeen. (Brown’s first game as a future Aberdeen player)Update: and again when Brown appeared in an Aberdeen shirt for the first time.

Shay also said, in his very touching media interview ‘Do I know Scott Brown? No. Have I spoken to Scott Brown? No…’. And while he said more, let’s just stop there. With all this going on for years, and I don’t think those who made the decision at Celtic to back Tonev realised the Celtic support would then go after Shay, at no point has he communicated any regret to Shay. While presumably they share friends/aquaintences, Jonny Hayes, Ryan Christie, possibly more.

Dave Cormack said, something like ‘He was just backing his team mate, that’s what they do’. No that’s not good enough. Not by a long way. Then we can presume from that, in the event of an Aberdeen player racially abusing an opposition player, Aberdeen will back the player to the hilt, baton down the hatches, and just brazen it out? Like Celtic did.

I don’t think for a second Dave Cormack would allow that to happen, he would either sack, or fine and demand a public apology from the player, and while I understand why Cormack wants to brush this away, it must not happen.

This is about Celtic’s behaviour during that whole period (and the Scottish media’s complicity). There needs to be consequences for actions. Here is a great opportunity to make amends. To do the correct thing for Scotland, and Scottish society. No longer under the umbrella of that enormous institution Scott Brown can fix it. He is a superb footballer, his reputation at Celtic cannot be tarnished by doing this, but he can go an enormous way to do some good, to make a fresh start, by acknowledging mistakes were made. We are all human, we can all make mistakes, and we can all forgive. And then we get on with the fitba.